Bike for the Gulf with Malik Rahim

[via BikePortland]

4 Responses to “Bike for the Gulf with Malik Rahim”

  • Rick says:

    Would you please stop making me cry?

    You know how I get when I witness the beauty of being alive, and our taking responsibility for our fellow man….

  • joe says:

    That is great. Even more impressive and hopefully he gets more press as he is not a typical “cyclist.” Just some regular guy trying to raise awareness. I will definitely be following him trip

  • John Nelson says:

    maybe one of the sponsors has a bike to donate that might make this guy’s mission a bit easier?

  • FluxRostrum says:

    The website is having a hard time redirecting to the actual site which is hosted at …

    Malik also ran for Congress in 2008 with the Green Party.

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