First Tweed, Now Seersucker?

Our good friends over at Sacramento Tweed are hosting Sac’s first-ever “Seersucker Ride” this Sunday, June 27th. Details here.

First it was tweed, and now seersucker? What’s all the fuss about clothing? Here’s an explanation from my friend Rick at Sac Tweed:

To those of you who are new to Sacramento Tweed, we extend a hearty welcome. We are happy for your visit. To further sate the curiosities of your intrepid souls, we present some quick notes on our underlying philosophy — a short guide to the essence of tweed, if you will.

At the heart of it all, we exist to bring people together — tell stories, laugh, eat and drink, make new friends, revisit old ones — and bask in a convivial glow.

That said, we should also mention that we have a very strict policy of not excluding anyone on the basis of what they ride, or what they wear. It’s true that we have some fun with vintage clothes, and it’s also true that some riders bring really lovely vintage bicycles along to delight and amaze us. But what is most important to us is you.

On any of our rides, you can expect to find an array of riders of varying skills and abilities commandeering an equally varied fleet of two-wheeled contraptions. You are sure to see it all: pennyfarthings (the big-wheel bikes), vintage Raleighs and Schwinns, cruisers, low riders, mountain bikes, fixies, Dutch bikes — you name it. We encourage people to ride whatever they are most comfortable on, so they will feel comfortable during the course of the ride. Any steed that you ride safely is a welcome steed indeed.

The same is true for the clothing, really; riders gussy up to varying degrees. Our secret is that creativity and imagination (and thrift stores) rule the day. Your tweed need not be expensive to be smashing.

To be honest, though, the only *required* attire is a smile. So if that’s what you’ve got, feel free to don your modern cycling togs and join us, because we’re sure you’ll have fun!

Tweed is a metaphor, not a members-only club. Our goal here is to get you on your bicycle and show you a good time. The Sacramento Tweed rides are, above all, social rides, which is a point of pride to us.

Hear, hear! Well said, Rick.

If you’re in Sac, come out and join us this weekend. And remember, it’s not about the clothing.

15 Responses to “First Tweed, Now Seersucker?”

  • Kim says:

    They’ve got the right idea, I reckon. But you’ve got to admit, ‘Seersucker Ride’ doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘Tweed Ride’…

  • bongobike says:

    ‘Tis the season for seersucker alright (and beautiful long-legged ladies in little summer dresses) :)

  • RDW says:

    This time of year almost every ride is a seersucker ride for me ;-)

  • Chris Moore says:

    I’ll second both bongobike and RDW. Seersucker is THE material for me in the summer. So much cooler and drier than anything else – even specialized jerseys. And what’s not to like about gauzy summer dresses?


  • DeltaTrike says:

    This is what I call the philosophy that WILL end the ridiculous bicycle tribal wars. I feel like taking a trip to Sacramento just so I can be with such welcoming folks. I’d be on my recumbent trike fully clad in racing spandex and shoes, topped with my blue seersucker blazer!

  • Beth says:

    I’ll definitely try to be there! Sounds like big fun!

  • Shelly@RidingPretty says:

    Did you say seer sucker? So perfect for summer! There are actually a lot of Tweed Rides that have morphed into seer sucker rides for the summer. That and linen – Boston recently had a Linen Ride!
    I’m not sure Alan, if you (or for that matter your readers) are aware of this or not – I keep on my blog an ongoing list of Tweed Rides – or Seersucker, or Linen for that matter :)

  • Rick says:

    @DeltaTrike: Come and join us–we’d love you have you!

    @Beth: See you Sunday!

    @Shelly: Thanks so much for your continued support!


    P.S.: Dead-on about summer dresses, guys! ;-)

  • DeltaTrike says:

    But for the distance (Houston) , I’d be there…..Have a wonderful time, you guys are my cycle heroes!

  • Rick says:

    @DeltaTrike: we’ll let everyone know that you’re there in spirit. Peace.

  • Guy Bouchard says:


    I am from Quebec, Canada. Where do you find seersucker shirt? Rivendell don’T seem to sell them anymore. LLBean only have short sleeve. I want nice long sleeve seersucker shirt and start seersucker ride (at least with my loved one!)

  • Rick says:

    I really hate to do this, but the Seersucker Ride is Cancelled–we’ve been notified that the temperature on Sunday will reach 102 degrees, and no one’s health is ever worth going for a bike ride…but we’ll re-schedule!

  • Doug R. says:

    Alert, Alert! I just got a facebook message from Rick at tweed, he has cancelled the Seersucker ride! He believes it will be too hot? Hey, let’s all lobby him to still do it, but start it earlier in the day! Say around 8:00 am finish by 11:00? I am glad he is looking out for our welfare, but I was really looking forward to the ride. : ( Dougman.

  • Alan says:


    Rick & Erin made the right decision – temps are now forecasted for 102-105F. Somebody’s liable to get hurt in that kind of weather.


  • Doug R. says:

    SAd! : (

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