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Tuesday is my favorite commute day. That’s the day Michael rides with me for half of my commute before she peels off to pick up our CSA share at the local farmer’s market. As much as I enjoy riding by myself, it’s always better to ride with a friend! And if you’re ever tempted to sleep in an extra hour and take the car (none of our readers have ever done that), there’s nothing like a ride share partner to keep you on the straight and narrow.

How about you? Do you have a “ride share” partner? Do you “bike pool” with your bike commuting colleagues, or are you a “lone wolf” commuter?

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  • Lee Trampleasure says:

    I guess I’m a “lone wolf.” My commute is about 30 minutes on the local subway (BART), then a couple flat miles at the work end. Once or twice a week I try to ride home (about 20 miles), which I tend to do more of when the weather is nice and the evening light londer.

    My favorite bike commute was when I lived in Hayward, CA. I lived at the SE corner of the local university and my work was in the SW corner (about a mile apart). To drive to work I had to take a long route around the campus (about 4 miles and lots of stoplights), but I could ride my bike along a short trail and down a steep hill in an almost direct path (about one mile and one stoplight). It took me less than 10 minutes to bike to work, and about 20 minutes to drive. Thus, when running late driving was not an option! Since the ride home was uphill (about 600 feet gain), I had a nice workout at the end of the day, while arriving at work in the morning sweat free. Everyone should have such a commute :-)

  • Geoff Jennings says:

    My wife and I sometimes ride together to the train station, she takes the train to work, and I continue on to work. Makes my 6 mile commute into about 7.5, but I enjoy it, the company and the change of scenery.

  • bongobike says:

    I wish I had a riding partner; that would make it so much more fun and easier to avoid “oversleeping”.

  • Nate Briggs says:

    Hey Alan:

    Thanks for 2 pictures, lately, showing riders without the plastic hats.

    This is not an attempt to re-awaken controversy (hat vs no-hat). Just as there are those who sincerely believe that the hat is necessary, there are those who believe that it is not.

    That makes it more of a diversity issue, and you are quietly making your blog more diverse (applause).

    … Nate (SLC)

  • Alan says:


    We’re big kids around here. Just this morning, I put on my skid lid, and as we were heading out the door, I noticed my wife was sans helmet. When I asked her if she wanted her helmet today, she said “Nope” and that was that. Tomorrow it’s just as likely to be her in a helmet and me going “au naturel”.


  • townmouse says:

    I’ve recently found myself a couple of cycling buddies and it’s really transformed my riding. Especially when we’re on quiet enough roads that we can ride abreast and chat. Maybe it’s not for every day but I love it.

  • Tim D. says:

    I’m a lone wolf, but mainly because my shift starts at 11 PM. Not many people are out riding their bikes to work at 1O:30 PM. Also, my work is outside of town, so I take a route not many would be taking to go anywhere, let alone work.

  • Jim says:

    I usually ride alone, but once in a while I have an opportunity to ride home with some friends (grad students at the university where I work), and it’s always a pleasant experience. Riding together is fun, but would probably happen more often if our schedules (and weather) were more consistent.

  • Lisa says:

    I don’t technically have a commute as a stay at home mom but I’m using 2 mornings a week to ride down to the Farmer’s Market and to do errands. It’s about a 25 to 30 minute ride and the roads are mostly not friendly to cyclists in town. Today’s excessive heat was a challenge but managed a 15 mile round trip and even saw a large, thankfully dead copperhead snake. I really wish I could find a riding buddy to share the fun with. I think sharing the trip to town and back would be just about the best part of the day. Today I was the only cyclist on the road and possibly the rest of them were smarter then me as I started to get chills the last two miles. It’s almost 6:30pm now and 97 degrees so no trip into town on bikes with the dh for dinner while the child is away!

  • Doug R. says:

    I ride Los Lobo on my commute mostly. However, a few students have shared the morning ride on occasion. Once a teenager gets the first car, it seems bicycling is forgotten. We need to reverse this cultural trend.

  • Terry S says:

    I’m a Lone Wolf on the commute, but I live 3 blocks from work at a school bus yard where I drive bus during the school year. After route I park my commuter bike and we use our main transport – a Burley tandem – for shopping, library and other errands. On weekends the tandem pulls a trailer of laundry 2 miles to the laundromat.


  • Bee says:


    I’d say your use of the word “hat” undermines your claim that you don’t want to awaken controversy. But I’ll also be the first to say that I hope you never end up in the hospital with a fracture where your “hat” would have been. My helmet saved my life (though i still suffered a concussion and other injuries) when i was struck at 30 miles per hour by a senile driver running a red light, and I would hate for that to happen to you. No one deserves to be hurt or killed while enjoying the pastime we all love so much.

  • AK Mike says:

    Living in a small Southeast Alaska community, my commute is rather short compared to many in larger communities. I go out of my way to lengthen my commute to enjoy the scenery and get a bit of exercise before I get to the office.

    I am mostly a “lone wolf” on my commutes, but I have noticed over the past 5 years that I find myself bumping into more and more cyclists on my way to and from work. I commute year-round, and even in the winter here more people are moving about by bike.

    I really enjoy when I can count more bikers than cars moving about on my daily commutes. While I may be moving about on my own, waving at that other rider going the opposite direction gives me a bit of hope in this fast-moving, complicated world.

  • Garth Madison says:

    @Bee: There’s a reason most states have helmet laws. What boggles my mind is that Illinois, where I live, has bicycle helmet laws, but no motorcycle helmet law. You see motorcyclists on the highways with no helmets and barely any clothes, traveling at 70 mph or more, and you have to wonder. Machoism and asphalt don’t mix well. But then, there’s also a reason the ER docs call them donorcycles. Bicycles travel at much slower speeds, but the cars that hit us don’t. I’d rather give myself the best fighting chance, and don’t see what the big deal is. Besides, hats give me shade in the summer, and warmth in the winter, both much appreciated. And my wife would kill me if I put myself at greater risk for nothing.

    I have a solo commute, but then, there’s not much biking in my city, and I have a short ride to my office. Maybe not as nice as Hayward, but pretty good – only 3 miles, takes me 12 minutes to get there by bike, and easily 10 minutes by car. Takes a little longer to get home, because of some steep hills, but as Lee said, it’s a good workout at the end of the day.


  • Brett says:

    I deliver farm shares by bicycle throughout the Boston metro area. We deliver about 250 shares as well as wholesale from 4 local farms all around the metro area every week by cargo tricycle, A.N.T.’s, trailers, a flat-bed trike and our own personal two wheeled vehicles. Its a great way to collaborate on great food in a big city. I enjoy taking mine home on my own bicycle and I also upkeep a pretty healthy rooftop garden. Its a pretty simple life for such a big city and I like to think its catching on.

  • Alan says:

    Let’s not turn this into a helmet debate, OK?


  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    I sometimes ride with my husband, but I also often ride alone. I truly enjoy riding alone and am not a big fan of group rides or cycling while chatting with friends. I think it’s different for everyone and largely depends on your personality.

    The great thing about cycling is that it is versatile and can be either a solitary sport or a social sport.

  • Stephen says:

    I’d love to have a riding partner on my commute. Heck, I’d like to have Alan’s commute. Mine isn’t so bad, but those shared use paths lined with flowers under the Central Valley sun…

  • D'Arcy says:

    My wife and I often meet half way on our rout home from work. when on the bike lane portion of the trip we can ride and chat. On the road with traffic 2 cyclists have more presence (critical mass) so we feel cars give us a wider berth.

    In our town, riding home is much much faster than driving. We just keep passing cars in traffic jambs. After a days work, cycling is a refreshing tonic, almost zen like experience. We arrive home very relaxed.

  • Kallie says:

    I’m a lone wolf…but if I was in a car I’d be by myself too (and angry about traffic), so I’m never really tempted to take the car. Besides, my commute is only about 2 minutes longer by bike than by car, so I’ve recently decided to ditch the automotive world altogether. Winter in Buffalo by bike will be interesting, but I’m thinking of it as an adventure :)

  • twk says:

    I ride often with my wife when we do the grocery shopping and farmer’s market. We ride together on the opportunities we get to bike to work. We have bike-pooled to work on the tandem on occasion. Nice that we work at the same place.

  • townmouse says:

    @lisa – you sound like me a few months ago! It took me several months of visibly biking around and being the eccentric bicycle person before I persuaded anyone to join me. As I work from home, going down to the shop for the paper with my new cycling friends is pretty much the social highlight of my week. Have you got friends who are trying to lose weight or get fitter? That was what sold my buddies on the idea and now they’re mad keen – they don’t even buy anything at the shop, just come down and back with me for the fun of it

  • Lisa says:

    @ Townmouse…it seems to be me and a few DUI’s out there in the mornings. Def. sign me up as eccentric. We’ve been car lite for about two years now so the bike is a sudden freedom that is a definite highlight of my day:>. Sadly I can’t wait til the Sprout is back in school so I can have my mornings to bike to town and be social:>. I’d love to convince a neighbor but almost all of them are in their 80s or young but with babies:<. How awesome to have your buddies running to town with you!

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