Gallery: Rick’s Co-Motion Americano

I just finished adding a Co-Motion classic kit to my 2003 Americano Touring and Commuter Bike. It included their new for 2010 headbadge, Brooks leather bar tape with wood and cork end plugs, and a honey B17 standard saddle. I swapped in the high end B17 with Ti rails and used the other for another bike.

What’s standard on this bike is the Chris King HS, Race Face touring cranks, XT 11-34 9spd cassette, and XTR rear derailleur. I went to a Deda 250 anatomic bar that fits me well along with real aluminum levered 10 spd Campy Chorus Ergo Brifters. Have a little trick that makes the 10spd shifter index the 9spd Shimano cassette perfectly. Wheelset is one I built with White Industries 36h tandem hubs and Ti finish Velocity Deep-V rims. Tires are Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700 x 32. Waiting for a Tubus Cargo rear rack to replace the one that was on the bike. No fenders ’til the rains come back.

[Rick is the proprietor of Gold Country Cyclery. —ed.]

6 Responses to “Gallery: Rick’s Co-Motion Americano”

  • Brian C says:

    Love the new kit on this bike – jealous of the Brooks leather bar tape…

    Nice bike (and one of my favourite bike builders in co-motion).

  • Franck says:

    Very nice indeed ! You say you use a “little trick” to get your 10sp campy shifters to fit perfectly the 9sp XT cassette ?? How do you do this? I’m VERY interested to get more details !

  • Doug says:

    Very nice…love the frame color.

  • Willis says:

    I’ve heard of tricks to make Campy Shifters work with Shimano cassettes, what I can’t figure out is how did you make the brake levers work with the linear pull brakes or is this not an issue? Perhaps an aftermarket accessory? Thanks!

  • Geoff Jennings says:

    Willis, It looks like he is using the Problem Solvers Travel ADjusters to get the shifters working with the Linear Pull brakes. We have the same on our Tandem, but using it with Shimano shifter/brakes. It works, but at least on our tandem is much mushier than I’d like. I’m looking at switching to some of the cantilever brakes I see on Cross bikes, that are clearly designed to work with Road brake/shifters.

  • Rick Steele says:

    The gimmick to make 10 spd Campy Ergo Brifters work with Shimano rear derailleurs and 9 spd cassettes is described here:

    Done this with tandems and single bikes for several years. Shimano has changed the XT and XTR RD’s somewhat so newer versions of the last few years may not be as crisp as the ones that had built-in cable adj. barrels etc. Yes QBP Travel Agents for the brakes is still standard with brifters if you go with linear pull brakes. They work fine if set up properly. If you are having issues on tandems, use the new compression-less brake cable housing.

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