Cloud Commuting

8 Responses to “Cloud Commuting”

  • RDW says:


  • Gussy says:

    Damn you and your sunny SoCal location! Send some of that sunshine north to Canada!

  • Androo says:

    Har har.

    I’m a sucker for puns. Pretty photo, too.

  • Alan says:


    It’s corny, but it was floating around in my head so I had to do it… :-)


  • joe says:

    Corny? Maybe, but is wonderful. I actually just wrote a post about these small amazing happenings on my commute. Sometimes a happy little cloud (said in my best Bob Ross voice) is all we need

  • Alan says:


    Don’t you just love Bob Ross and his “happy clouds”? :-)

  • joe says:

    @ Alan.

    Something about Bob Ross that is just amazing. As a kid, I would sit and watch him on PBS for hours. Last year I bought an original Ross, filled with happy little clouds, happy little trees, and a happy little stream. Like when riding a bicycle on days like those pictured above, at times it takes me back to my childhood.

  • Ted says:

    You are obviously totally “wired” and “on the grid”

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