Tuesday Morning Commute

Beautiful morning, generous bike lane, zero traffic; just about perfect.

10 Responses to “Tuesday Morning Commute”

  • Joe says:

    PERFECT. Nice lighting. Rode into the work at dawn this morning, and the light was amazing. Sometimes the morning commute is my favorite time of the day. And it looks like yours isn’t half bad either. Just no bike lanes here for me.

  • Jennifer S. says:

    The gutter looks really clean. Where’s the glass, trash, and sand/dirt that I see around here?

  • Jay says:

    Jeez, I’m jealous. Boston isn’t really a bad city for biking, as cars are used to us, but those bike lanes you have blow me away! Smooth and clean, with a nice backdrop to boot. Boston has quite a few on-street bike lanes, but the potholes! KaCHUNK kaCHUCK whump whump ka CHUNK. It really can beat you up.

  • Jack says:

    What, no rabbits? Actually it is beautiful picture. I rate my ride by the number of rabbits I see along the greenway. The record is 7 rabbits and one fox on a morning a month or two ago. The last two days I saw more rabbits coming home than in the morning. Maybe they think the predators are all holed up in the afternoon heat. Today was one in the morning and three in the afternoon.

  • Alan says:


    “I rate my ride by the number of rabbits I see along the greenway.”

    I count pheasants… :-)


  • Ian says:

    @Jack & Alan

    I count fish jumping in the river..

  • Mark Osborne says:

    My idea of heaven. How I love commuting in the sun

  • Justin says:

    I count hipsters.

  • AK Mike says:

    Great photo!

    Makes me want to jump on the bike for a spin. Hey, I think that’s what I’ll do.

    Keep up the great work – the site is terrific.

  • sherrill says:

    The lighting is very nice. What a nice way to start your morning.

    Love your photos. :)

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