CNN on Folders

CNN has an excellent article on folders in their Tech section. I particularly loved this quote:

When the bicycle becomes a practical prosthesis, anyone can morph from a public transit commuter to a folding cyclist to an empowered pedestrian.

It’s worth a read.


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  • Daniel M says:

    OK, here’s a question for everybody: I just spent an arm and a leg on a Rivendell, which I adore absolutely, and late last year picked up a NOS Rohloff Speedhub off Craigslist and am still fiquring out the final configuration for that. The point is, I don’t really need to spend a lot more money on bikes any time soon.

    The conundrum: my Co-habitant (thanks LovelyBicycle!) and I are about to spend a month on the East Coast, driving from New Jersey to Maine and back (borrowing her parents’ second car), hopefully doing a good bit of touring off the beaten path along the way. I would LOVE to take a pair of folding bikes with us to explore when we arrive at our destinations, since I no longer have the patience for traffic and parking in tourist towns. (Did I ever?)

    Bromptons and Bike Fridays are out of the question due to price, but I am intrigued by the Dahon Speed d7. I could pick up two at my LBS for around $1000, which seems like a screaming deal. Does anyone out there have any experience with this model? Of course I would prefer a smaller, local company and an IGH, but price is really an issue, so if you have any positive or negative feedback it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Erik Sandblom says:

    No long-term personal experience with Dahons. But I say go for it! At least if you try before you buy.

  • randomray says:

    You would enjoy a lazy morning cycle along either the PA or NJ canal towpaths and then breakfast at a place in New Hope or Lambertville . Or best yet take your sweety to the Black Bass Inn in Lumberville for a grand brunch . They proudly say that George Washington wasn’t allowed to sleep there . No , really . It’s a great area for history and shopping . Maybe I’ll see you on a ride .

  • jim says:

    Bought a Dahon Speed d7 about a month ago. Like you, I needed another bike like a submarine needs a screen door, but it fits so nicely in my tiny car and the darn thing really rides splendedly! After some minor issues with the derailler, I’ve gotten everything sorted. And think nothing of a 40 mile day trip. Go for it. I’m secretly lusting after a Bike Friday Tikkit. Damn you Veloria. Just kidding. ;)

  • Kurt Jensen says:

    I am a bit of a folding bike junkie. I have an old Brompton, a Birdy, a Moulton (not really a folder, but….well…ya know, it does get small), a Montague, a Downtube and a old Dahon Speed. I’ve been very happy with the Speed and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another Dahon. I’d say go for it!

  • MT Cyclist says:

    I have no experience with Dahons, although I seen quite a few of them on ebay for what seem to be reasonable prices.
    I have been refurbishing a pair of Raleigh Twenties with the idea of using them someday as compact travel bikes. It has been quite an adventure so far.
    Good luck.

  • kanishka says:

    connecticut – i’ve always wanted to try a ride around kent. new haven is a good biking city.

    rhode island – providence and surrounding area is good about promoting scenic bike paths and bike friendly downtown

    new hampshire – 18 miles of coast line hugging road that cyclists around there love

    nyc – added a bunch fo bike lanes and paths in the past 2 years

    portland, me – awesome for bike friendliness

    boston – like nyc has improved enormously in recent years. i personally like the linear park from mass ave to the brewery complex.

    my favorite combinations with folding bikes is instead of having to bike the traditional loop aroudn an area, you just bike twice as far in one direction then take a peter pan bus or amtrak train back to your origin / parked car.

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