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I am a Regional Vice President of an Employee Benefits Company, so I have to fly out somewhere about 3 times a month but the rest of the time, I work out of my house or see clients here in South Florida. About 3 months ago I decided not to renew the lease on my car. I began commuting by using my road bike as my main mode of transportation. Well it worked and I don’t miss the car, so I decided with all the money I saved ($1500 in the first three months alone) to get a more commuter friendly bike, the Globe Live 2. It is much more comfy and now I want to be biking all day long. And actually I can now, that I attached a waterproof iPhone kit to my bike to go along with the fenders, full chain guard and the Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal hub. And oh yes that front rack will hold 50 lbs. Next I will attach a rear rack for my canvas grocery bag panniers and I will be set. One more thing, when I ride I always have an old film camera around my neck to record the fact that I actually can now see the world around me. ciao.


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  • Karen says:

    Great setup, Akiva! Looks like you spec’d it out quite nicely :)

  • Chris says:

    You have my permission, in three month’s, to purchase a Leica IIIf for your Globe 2!


  • Jennifer S. says:

    This is the bike I really want (in the mixte). There are none around here, but just yesterday I was in another part of the state and saw one in a bike shop window. I ran in there and asked if I could test ride it. I’m totally in love.

  • Akiva says:

    Thanks folks, BTW the Live 3 was tempting, with the 8 speed Gates drive but for $600 less the Shimano 8 speed internal is smooth as silk and very easy to adjust. Not looking forward to rear tire changes so when these cream puffs wear out I will eventually replace them with something like a Schwalbe Marathon. BTW Chris I also have an old Leica. Damn Peachy.

  • Andrew says:

    oooh, me likey. But I will need to wait 10 years to buy one secondhand, as it would kill me to leave a new one outside year round (ready to ride at a moments notice) as I do with my current beater.

  • j. pierce says:

    Rear wheel changes aren’t too bad with the Nexus if you don’t have the hub brake. Practice it at home so you’re not caught on the road. I’m not sure how the Globe achieves chain tension – but I carry a 15mm wrench and a small set of allen wrenches in my Acorn roll bag on my Nexus 8 spd. A 2mm allen wrench in the back hole allows rotation of the cassette hub, letting me pop out the shifter cable. Release the housing from the cassette joint, and then the 15mm wrench loosens the axle nuts, and from there it’s like removing a normal wheel w/o a quick release. It really doesn’t take much longer once you get used to it. The only thing that’s kind of a hassle getting the chain tension dialed in.

    Of course, maybe you’re just talking about the hassle of changing a tire in general, not the extra bits of changing an IGH wheel. In which case, something with a bit more puncture protection is helpful. I carry an extra tube so I can deal with patching my tubes when I get home rather than getting home. It’s not really that bad until your hands are too cold to do it.

  • Megan says:

    I have the mixte Globe Live 2 and just love it. Best choice ever! Congrats!

  • Chuck says:

    Akiva, I am glad to hear you are enjoying your Globe. I started riding a Live 3 in February and to date have about 400 miles on it running errands and trail riding even though I travel for my job like you. Great bikes; very functional and fun to ride.
    As far as changing a rear tire I include a multi-tool with a needle nose pliers in it the ease the removal and installation of the shift cable for the hub. Practice at home; it’s easy.
    I just added an Old Man Mountain rack i modified for a cleaner appearance to the rear of my live for grocery panniers. The combination of the front rack and the bags offer incredible capacity.
    A week ago there was a “Ride the Drive” event in Madison and there were 30,000 riders there. I was constantly being stopped and asked about the bike. Maybe we are beginning to see a tread toward sensible, useful bikes that don’t require special sport clothing and a ton of sweat to ride.

  • Akiva says:

    Agree Chuck except down here in South Florida sweat is a way of life. You have to embrace it or stay home.

  • Gee says:

    Nice bike! I actually checked it out in a store just a few hours ago. How do you think it handles with that big rack in the front? And how is the aluminum frame and straight fork coping with bumps?

  • Akiva says:

    Big rack gets a B for handling. Not as good as w/o but pretty darn good. The spring under it helps a lot. Frame and fork are nothing to me so I am fine with that.

  • Akiva says:

    Took front portage rack off. She handles much better.

  • Akiva says:

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