Nice Ride Minnesota

The “Nation’s Largest Bike Sharing System” launched yesterday in Minneapolis. Nice Ride Minnesota was developed by Public Bike System Co., the same group that developed Montreal’s Bixi and Denver’s B-Cycle systems. This new system features 700 bikes and 65 stations, and like other such programs, the fees consist of a subscription plus a trip fee.

Minneapolis will need to stay on its toes if it wants to hold on to the “Nation’s Largest Bike Sharing System” moniker; Washington D.C. has plans to implement a Bixi-style 1,100 bike, 114 station system this Fall.

Nice Ride Minnesota

3 Responses to “Nice Ride Minnesota”

  • sygyzy says:

    I can’t help but smile every time I read of a city getting a bike sharing program. The more the merrier I say. I can’t wait to visit a city on vacation and hop on a bike near my hotel, drop it off at the cafe I am having lunch, get on a different bike then ride to the park … you get the picture.

  • Brent says:

    I live in Denver, and I see lots of people riding around on B-cycles. There was an article in Denver Post this week stating that 8000 people have registered for the program and that now that the weather has gotten nicer registrations are on the rise.

    I like to think that the majority of the people I see on them wouldn’t have considered using a bicycle as transportation before, but might consider it now. I have absolutely no basis for this, but I like to think it anyway

  • Supp Suppinger says:

    We also have a kind of bike sharing in Vienna, Austria, Europe. It´s called Vienna City Bike. There are terminals all over the city, where You can register with an ATM or credit card. Registration is free, no subscription fee. Trip fee is: first hour for FREE, second hour 1 Euro, third hour 2 Euros, fourth hour 3 Euros, and so on. 95 percent of all trips do not last longer than one hour, so they are for free. It´s paid with advertisment, the bikes have spare place for putting ads on them, on the frame, and between the spokes. This year they decided to offer a few hundred more bikes, now even with 3 geards. It is very popular among citizens of Vienna and tourists.

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