Shop Visit: Gold Country Cyclery

We visited our friend Rick’s bike shop in Shingle Springs, CA today. We’re selling a recumbent tandem so we dropped by the shop to place it on consignment*. Even though it’s quite a trip from our place, it’s always a treat to visit Gold Country. Rick has managed to put together one of the most interesting and eclectic inventories we’ve ever seen. His specialties are tandems and recumbents, but he also maintains a nice selection of touring and transpo bikes. Have a look at some of the eye candy from our visit today, and if you’re ever in the foothills of NorCal, be sure to stop in.

* “Dropped by” is a bit of a stretch since Rick’s shop is in the middle of nowhere. Still, people come from as far as other states to see his eclectic selection, so we can’t really complain about the one hour drive.

A rare Alex Moulton Speed (NFS)
Pashley Guv’nor
Civia Hyland
A fancy Independent Fabrication carbon/ti bike
Arkel and Ortlieb
An LHT in for an Albatross conversion
Ohm e-Assist hybrid
Rick is a well-respected custom wheel builder
Greenspeed X5 trike
GC stocks many difficult to find parts
More Greenspeed trikes
A rack of Co-Motion touring bikes
A belt drive Co-Motion tandem

Gold Country Cyclery

3 Responses to “Shop Visit: Gold Country Cyclery”

  • Geoff says:

    I agree, wholeheartedly, that it’s a real treat to visit Rick and his Gold Country Cyclery shop. I didn’t realize that you guys were still an hour’s drive from Shingle Springs. We’re about 75 miles away, so it takes right around an hour and fifteen minutes to make the drive.

    It’s always very tempting, while gazing at(and especially test riding) Rick’s many offerings. I’ve been riding tadpole recumbent trikes for several years, now, and Rick always has some very cool new trike models to drool over. Karen loves trikes, too, but also loves road and commuter bikes…and Rick has plenty of those to check out. On our last trip, Karen picked up her brand new Surly LHT, after Rick built it up along with an Albatross bar. It’s a beautiful bike, and a solid value for the dollar.

  • Scott Wayland says:

    Great pics, a usual. So the last vestige of your recumbent days rides off into the sunset, eh? My wife and I are confirmed bent-heads, but we are selling our Greenspeed tandem trike. Some women like to be the captains of their own ships. The nerve! :)

    Keep up the good work.


  • Alan says:


    “So the last vestige of your recumbent days rides off into the sunset, eh?”

    For now. I have no doubt there will be a ‘bent or two in our future as our circumstances change.


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