Gallery: Brad’s Electra Townie 9D

This is a picture of my recently acquired Electra Townie 9D. I use it to ride around Eureka and surrounding areas (Arcata, Mckinleyville). I thought it looked really cool against this uniquely painted building in our Old Town area. —Brad

2 Responses to “Gallery: Brad’s Electra Townie 9D”

  • dreamlet says:

    Oh nice. I’ve always liked these. And now it’s a collector’s item because they’re not making it anymore! It seems that since the introduction of the Ticino line Electra has really cut back the Townie and Amsterdam lines. I guess we can’t have it all.

  • Andrew says:

    You are right They are putting a little too much focus on the Ticino line, it seems that most of their following rides the internal hub models. I bought an Amsterdam 8i in December, while it is not a speed demon, it gets around great and some rides I can manage 11-12 mph for long stretches on my commute.

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