Wildflower Commute

Yesterday’s commute home. You just don’t get these experiences from the inside of a car at 40 mph.

12 Responses to “Wildflower Commute”

  • Kate says:

    Beautiful! You’re sure right :-)

  • Sharper says:

    I was just talking yesterday about what an odd spring we’ve had here — enough rain to keep wildflowers blooming through June, but not enough to keep the grass green, so we’re getting poppies and fuschias popping out from the golden-grassed hills. Absolutely lovely.

  • Justin says:

    As you said, you can’t get that from inside a car at 40mph. However, most of us can’t get that no matter how we choose to get around. But, for whatever reason, I keep coming back to your blog so you can rub your commute in my face.

    Thanks. . . . I think.

  • Alan says:


    You’re welcome…. I think. ;-)

  • Buck-50 says:

    to be perfectly fair, most folks don’t get experiences like that anywhere, car OR bike.

    Color me jealous.

  • Joel van Allen says:

    I have to admit that every time you post photos from your commute I’m green with envy. Any chance you could mount a helmet cam and video your entire commute and post it? I would love to see it, seriously. :)

  • Lee Trampleasure says:

    I agree with Joel van Allen. We could watch the video while we’re at work, oohing and aahing, and longing for such a beautiful commute.

  • Alan says:

    I have to admit that only a portion of my commute is picturesque. I tend to pull out the camera when something beautiful catches my eye, so you folks only end up seeing the highlights. If I ever get a helmet mounted video camera, it would be fun to film the entire commute and speed it up for the blog. I wonder if it would disappoint though; sometimes it’s best to let the imagination do some of the work.


  • Joel van Allen says:

    Alan, I thought you might say that about your commute, but I think one of the things that makes those picturesque moments so strikingly beautiful is that one minute you’re dodging traffic and zipping around a garbage truck, next minute you’re taking that “short cut” that leads you past some hidden work of art or veiled place of beauty that’s been right around the corner all the time– if only we’d slowed down a bit and made the effort to look. The contrasts, I think, enhance the wonder of such places by making us realize they could be anywhere.

    So make a video of your commute! In fact, any chance we could make a reader contest out of it?

  • KCs says:

    “I tend to pull out the camera when something beautiful catches my eye, so you folks only end up seeing the highlights.”

    Related reading, Susan Sontag: On Photography

  • Alan says:


    “Related reading, Susan Sontag: On Photography”

    From which the following was quoted:

    “…photographs are as much an interpretation of the world as paintings and drawings are.”

  • Philip Smith says:

    Excellent shot. Really great.

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