Cycle Jerk on USA Today

Fellow bike blogger Jim Fulmer over at Cycle Jerk was recently featured in this excellent USA Today piece on bike commuting and the car-free lifestyle. I love this video; it’s my favorite car-free piece from a mainstream media source. Kudos to Jim, Jo, and the producers!

Cycle Jerk

13 Responses to “Cycle Jerk on USA Today”

  • David says:

    Nice piece.

  • Andrew says:

    Fantastic. Nice to be inspired by their stories, to recognize the paths and downtowns shown in the clips (Bethesda, Silver Spring). Rode my bike today!

  • Runjikol says:

    What a great story. Very surprising that there was no beat-up by the main-stream reporter. Excellent. :-)

  • Doug R. says:

    That’s the STUFF! Great piece!

  • AJ says:



  • Eddie says:

    If not a perfect world, we can still try a pedal stroke at a time, eh?

  • Herzog says:

    Surprisingly nice piece.

  • sbcommute says:

    Must say, really nice clip. Really gets to the heart of the bike commute as well as it’s more fleeting benefits.

  • Will says:

    Thanks for posting this. Does anyone know the URL or citation for the original USA Today article where the video appeared or was referenced? (Can’t find it on Those of us who already drank the Kool-Aid learned about the video on bicycling blogs; how would a non-cycling enthusiast find it?

  • Don says:

    It is refreshing to see a piece extolling moderation, sincerity, and thoughtfulness, rather than ridiculing the extremes (like a guy hauling a ton of lumber or somebody commuting a century each day). I loved seeing the bikeshop guy putting car-free in the context of a range of choices and the heartfelt comments from the cyclists themselves. No coincidence that they are both parents; the part about biking being good for families is right on.

    Now, my wife is from Bethesda, and I know how bike-hostile certain areas are around there. I think it’s wise to separate the politics of infrastructure from the quieter aspects of a bike transportation lifestyle. In fact, maybe the best part about the piece is that it is delightfully quiet!

  • James@BicycleDesign says:

    Great! I love to see that type of positive coverage at a source like USA Today.

  • Cullen Carter says:

    I really like the guy’s handlebar child-seat. Delightful piece!

  • sygyzy says:

    I really like this video. I wish more “professional” companies would create videos to promote biking. They are way more effective, in my opinion, than the cheesy videos that community groups make.

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