Running on Empty

Ross Ching created the above video by combining a large number of time-lapse still photos and masking out the cars. It’s really cool to see L.A. with no cars in it; all that’s needed to complete the picture is a bunch of bicyclists to fill up those empty roads.

Ross Ching

8 Responses to “Running on Empty”

  • Runjikol says:

    Just love these “imagine that” videos. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  • Doug V says:


  • Andy in Reno says:

    Absolutely awesome….imagine how quiet it would be!

  • David says:

    Actually it looks more like one of those end of the world movies where everyone dies. No only are there no cars but also no people

  • Eddie says:

    The emptiness poignantly features the excess of concrete and asphalt we devote to our cars.

  • Bob says:

    I thought the same thing; my first impression was dystopian. The tilt-shift shot with the playing field in the background was an exception, though.

  • Tim S says:

    Like Eddie, I’m amazed at the amount of concrete dedicated to moving people in 1-person vehicles. What a waste.

  • Ray says:

    In my fantasy I’d remove the asphalt.
    I can only imagine the horror of sharing that highway in summer with a throng of cyclists on that empty road. No thank you.

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