Fast Folders

Brompton M and Bike Friday Tikit. Serious tools for multi-modal commuting and touring.

3 Responses to “Fast Folders”

  • EdLark says:

    With this video and the previously posted video showing a person shopping with a Tikit, I am seriously intrigued. I have been thinking about buying a folder to replace one of my bikes – I have three bikes with apartment bike parking space for two (and that’s only because most of the apartment dwellers in my building are not bike people).

    The first video with the Brompton has a very county fair, “the amazing vegamatic,” huckster-esque quality to it. Nice bike, annoying presentation.

  • Seth Vidal says:

    The tikit makes a REALLY compelling argument. super-duper compelling..

  • Brian C says:

    Looks like a wonderful solution for intermodal travel with a bike. I have a trip coming up that will probably involve the train, and this would certainly solve the problem for the last few kilometres to the destination.

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