Bicycle Portraits

Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler are currently raising funds for their photographic book project, Bicycle Portraits – Everyday South Africans and Their Bicycles. They plan to turn their online photo project into a hard-bound photographic book. Pledges will go toward production and printing, and if you pledge $50 or more you are effectively pre-ordering a copy of the book. Watch the above video to get a taste of their amazing work.

Bicycle Portraits

Sac Region Surpasses Million Mile Mark

In the Sacramento region, 7,125 bike riders have been logging their miles on the May is Bike Month website with the goal of collectively reaching 1,000,000 miles for the month. With 5 days left in the month, we surpassed the mark yesterday; congrats everyone! Those million miles reduced smog-forming oxides of nitrogen by over 5,000 pounds, saved approximately 18,000 gallons of gas, and saved cyclists nearly $45,000 (assuming $2.50 per gallon).

Fun fact: Did you know one bicyclist riding a mile instead of driving is the same as turning off a 100-watt light bulb for eight hours?

Secretary LaHood on TOTN

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood interviewed on NPR’s Talk of the Nation. Great stuff.


Shopping with a Tikit

Bike Friday

Streetsblog: Bike Infrastructure Slideshows

A couple of weeks ago, Streetsblog put out a call for bicycle infrastructure photos. The above slideshow is a collection of photos submitted by Flickr users. They also posted a slideshow on their website that consists of photos sent in by their readers. It’s interesting to see the different kinds of bicycling infrastructure from around the country!


Ghost Bikes in the Sac Bee

From the SacBee:

They’re spooky. Painted stark white, stem to stern, they’ve appeared seemingly out of nowhere in recent weeks, each chained to a pole on a major Sacramento street.

They are “ghost bikes,” standing silent watch where cyclists have died.

The people responsible for them have kept a low profile. The spray-painted monuments, however, are striking, a form of guerrilla public art that has prompted debate, appreciation, and some unease.

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Eye Candy: Moulton Sixty

From the Moulton website:

Dr. Alex Moulton was born on April 9th 1920, and, ninety years later, The Moulton Bicycle Company has created a special bicycle to mark the occasion. This bicycle, the first result of ‘Project Sixty’, was presented by the company to Alex Moulton on his ninetieth birthday, in celebration of his astonishing contribution to the bicycle industry.

This bicycle is an all-stainless steel interpretation of the enduringly popular ‘F’-frame design that was pioneered by Alex Moulton in 1962. The bicycle shares some of its features with the latest Moulton Speed, including the use of Reynolds 953 stainless steel and detailed improvements to the legendary Moulton leading link front suspension.

Built by The Moulton Bicycle Company’s highly-skilled silver brazers, this is the first ‘F’-frame bicycle to be created at the Bradford on Avon factory for over thirty years. It is equipped with a two-speed ‘Duomatic’ hub gear, original Moulton 17″ wheels and a rather special Brooks leather saddle.


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