Ghost Bikes in the Sac Bee

From the SacBee:

They’re spooky. Painted stark white, stem to stern, they’ve appeared seemingly out of nowhere in recent weeks, each chained to a pole on a major Sacramento street.

They are “ghost bikes,” standing silent watch where cyclists have died.

The people responsible for them have kept a low profile. The spray-painted monuments, however, are striking, a form of guerrilla public art that has prompted debate, appreciation, and some unease.

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4 Responses to “Ghost Bikes in the Sac Bee”

  • JIME says:

    Hi! I recently arrived to London and I’ve seen in Brixton lots of “ghost bikes”. At first I didn’t know why they where all around, in different places, until someone told me they marked the place where some cyclist had been killed in an accident. :( It’s kind of creepy but now I find it is a great was to make us, cyclists, aware of the danger we are daily exposed in the streets, but beyond that, I like the idea of remember those loses that in some way stand as fight points in the city, claiming silently to improve cycling conditions in the cities.
    We are here to stay!

    I love my Bike!

  • Richard Masoner says:

    I saw one of them affixed to a street sign on my visit to Sacto a couple of weekends ago. It really stands out.

  • Doug R. says:

    I say” may the spirits be with you”!, Keep it up, we need the motorists to “THINK”!

  • Gregg says:

    My condolences to all who have lost friends and loved ones, bicycle, motorcycle, street racers…..The Ghost Bike keeps the victim in the memory. Kinda’ immortalizes good folks.
    Here in Texas you see memorials all over the highways marking the place where the tragedy occurred.Just don’t get caught putting out flowers or a cross by the TexHwyDept…..they call it littering.
    Folks, just be careful out there! LOOK OUT for everything, think about those families/loved ones and what they have to endure.
    Respect everybody, Gregg

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