UCLA Bike-U-Mentary

Directed by Brent Pantell and co-executive produced by UCLA Transportation and UCLA Sustainable Resource Center.

UCLA Transportation on YouTube

2 Responses to “UCLA Bike-U-Mentary”

  • Jeff says:

    Although we’re still a very small portion of the biking community, trikes are really disadvantaged when it comes to multimodal, especially as many of us have some physical limitations that make carrying the trike unrealistic.

    If trains and buses could better accommodate trikes, would more people ride? I don’t know. Seems a stretch, but I do wonder.

  • Jeff says:

    I should add that even bike lockers often won’t fit our trikes unless we have a folder. When I bought my trike, a folder wasn’t within budget reach, so I’m stuck. Assuming I can ever get a locker at the train station. The waiting list is longer than the number of lockers available.

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