Eye Candy: Moulton Sixty

From the Moulton website:

Dr. Alex Moulton was born on April 9th 1920, and, ninety years later, The Moulton Bicycle Company has created a special bicycle to mark the occasion. This bicycle, the first result of ‘Project Sixty’, was presented by the company to Alex Moulton on his ninetieth birthday, in celebration of his astonishing contribution to the bicycle industry.

This bicycle is an all-stainless steel interpretation of the enduringly popular ‘F’-frame design that was pioneered by Alex Moulton in 1962. The bicycle shares some of its features with the latest Moulton Speed, including the use of Reynolds 953 stainless steel and detailed improvements to the legendary Moulton leading link front suspension.

Built by The Moulton Bicycle Company’s highly-skilled silver brazers, this is the first ‘F’-frame bicycle to be created at the Bradford on Avon factory for over thirty years. It is equipped with a two-speed ‘Duomatic’ hub gear, original Moulton 17″ wheels and a rather special Brooks leather saddle.


7 Responses to “Eye Candy: Moulton Sixty”

  • Rob in Seattle says:

    Simply gorgeous.

  • Warren says:

    Beautiful bicycle, just beautiful.

  • Thor says:

    I sell Dahons ( lots of them )
    but I am the first to admit : this is almost as good as …


  • Loring says:

    Thor – Without Alex Moulton, there would be no Dahon or any of the other of the small wheel bikes on the market today.

    It is all the best of the F-frame Moultons all in one, oh and stainless too.


  • Thor says:

    well Loring…….
    that would be like saying that without Mr Benz there would be no cars ….
    We all love Moultons and especially this one…. but he didnt invent the wheel so to speak.
    I am sure Dahons would have happened with or without Alex bikes.

    But it is a gorgeous bike no doubt

  • Loring says:

    Thor- We both agree that the Moulton 60 is gorgeous, I can’t wait to see it in person and I hope to be able to bring it over for Interbike and show it to you as well.

    What I meant by my statement was that Alex Moulton’s trail blazing of small wheel, high pressure tire testing and development starting in the late 50’s, and Raleigh creating a folding, lazy F style, small wheel (low pressure tire) bike soon after to tap into the market that Moulton created, led to cycles that we have in the market today like Dahon and others. Granted, Dahon has put a lot of time and development into the folding aspect of their cycles and have taken advantage of small wheels and high pressure tires for a cycle sized for adults.

    And if any one is reading this besides Thor and I, Thor is the Dahon distributor and I am the Moulton distributor in an effort of full disclosure.


  • Hercule says:

    Comparing Moultons and Dahons is like comparing… I hate to reach for an automotive comparison, but I can’t think of any other easily recognised one… Lotus and Hyundai. Yes, the Hyundai will get you to where you want to go every day with a minimum of attention. It’s a mass-produced machine where economies of scale have operated to get a servicable product out there that works for lots of people. The Lotus, by comparison, will still get you from A to B (perhaps a bit quicker) but you’ll know from the off that this is something that has been hand crafted and refined over the years. It’s got a soul that means it will still be lovingly looked after 20 years later when the utilitarian Hyundai has gone to the breaker’s yard.

    Disclosure: I’ve got 4 Moultons, the oldest dating from 1963, the youngest from 1990.

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