Rivendell TourSacks

It’s been quite some time since Rivendell has offered a full-sized rear pannier. For those who have been anxiously waiting, the Sackville TourSack will be arriving soon. Riv is offering a 10% discount for pre-ordering.

More info at Rivendell

6 Responses to “Rivendell TourSacks”

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    I have been anxiously waiting! These look beautiful, but why don’t they provide dimensions? At least I didn’t see any on the website.

  • Alan says:

    Here’s a PDF of an earlier prototype. Still no dimensions, but you can see the width in these photos.



  • Scott says:

    Love that pdf- a cool behind-the-scenes look at product development. I don’t know if this is standard for panniers, but I like that they requested a drain hole at the bottom. I recently had my panniers fill up with water because I hadn’t positioned the top flap to cover the top zipper. I had to take it off bike and drain it and thought a hole would have been very nice. Perhaps I should look into adding one… wonder how hard that is…..

  • Mitch says:

    Perhaps I missed it on the Riv site, but is the $200/$220 price for a pair or a single pannier?

  • Tim says:

    At first glance, I liked how the top of the bag angles forward to make use of that extra space close to the seat stay. However, as I look at my bike to imagine how this bag would fit, it seems like it might interfere with my cantilever brakes, so the bag would have to be mounted farther back to provide clearance, which may or may not cause it to hang excessively off of the back of the rack. The bike in the photo doesn’t have an issue because it is a mixte and the brakes are mounted on the “mixte stay”.

    I am sure that this was not overlooked by Rivendell in their well thought out design process, but it would be nice to see a photo of the bag mounted on a standard diamond framed bike with cantilever or v-brakes. I might be over analyzing this.

    Overall, that bag looks great in the green color, and when I’m in need of replacement panniers, I will seriously consider this one. I generally try to buy products that use natural and biodegradable materials as much as possible, if something can be made with a non plastic material and still be functional, I’ll take it. This bag fits that bill.

    Tim S.B.

  • Tood V says:

    It’s got to be $200/$220 per pair, since they are mule style and are riveted together. Considering the little loaf of bread bags cost $100, that’s a good deal.

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