Bixi Coming to D.C.

Bixi in Montreal. Flickr photo by solylunafamilia.

According to the Greater, Greater Washington blog, a Bixi-style bike sharing system is coming to the Washington D.C./Arlington area. The new system will replace the existing Clear Channel “SmartBike” system and will include 1,100 bikes and 114 stations. Memberships will run $80 per year, $30 per month, or $5 per day. All membership levels will allow unlimited use, with the first 30 minutes free, followed by a yet-to-be-determined fee after 30 minutes. The system is slated to launch fall 2010.

Greater, Greater Washington

2 Responses to “Bixi Coming to D.C.”

  • Supp Suppinger says:

    Well, nice thing! Perhaps it could be cheaper, or even for free. In Vienna, Austria, we have the bikes which are free for the first hour, 1 Euro for the second, 2 for the third, etc. 97 percent of all rides with those bikes are shorther than one hour, so for free. They are paid with advertisements on the bikes themselves. Registration is easy with a maestro (=ATM) card or a credit card. Those bikes are great for mixing modes of transportation, they are at nearly each underground, tram or bus station.

  • Gee says:

    What do they do with the old bikes? Scrap them? What is the reason for the change?

    Here’s a system that seems to take care of the bikes better and protect them from theft: Saw it on another blog this morning and it seems like a better long term idea.

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