Human-Powered Music Tour

The Ginger Ninjas are a rock group touring on Yuba Mundo cargo bikes. They’re using nothing but human-power for both transport and amplification for the entire tour. From the press release:

What does a truly sustainable music tour look like? The Ginger Ninjas rock and roll band will be on tour using Mundo Bikes made by Yuba Bicycles to travel from city to city unsupported by fossil-fuelled vehicles and playing on a stage that is totally bicycle powered. Called “Bicycle Music Festivals”, the band’s Pleasant Revolution World Tour includes stops in the US and Europe.

Ginger Ninjas
Yuba Bicycles

8 Responses to “Human-Powered Music Tour”

  • Sharper says:

    We’ve had a couple of the Pleasant Revolution folks come through the Sac Bike Kitchen in the last month or so. I can tell you that you appreciate good music a lot more when you’re sweating to keep it going, whether you’re the one holding an axe or pushing the pedals.

  • Zyzzyx says:

    I thought they were touring with Xtracycle setups? Or are they changing over to Yuba Mondos?

  • Alan says:


    I think they’re switching over to Yuba Mundos.

  • Tim Keneipp says:

    The Driftless Region Bicycle Coalition loves our Yuba Mundo. We use it to haul equipment and literature to events and bike rodeos.

  • J. Pierce says:

    Cool! My friends hardcore band, Unrestrained, is doing a tour by bike right now:

    But they aren’t powering the shows by bike, which i think ads another cool layer to these folks.

  • beth h says:

    I find the switch to Yuba Mundos the most fascinating part of the story, considering the one of the band members used to work at Xtracycle (and, if memory serves, I believe was one of the co-founders of the company). More on this?

  • Tim says:

    I could be wrong but I think the reason for the switch to the Yuba’s is due to the Yuba handling almost double the cargo weight vs the Xtracycles.Basically 200lbs vs 440lbs.Also to get an Xtracycle any higher than the estimated 200lbs ends up costing much more mula.

  • MohjhoRyder says:

    Makes sense Tim. If I get more than 50 pounds on my Free Radical unit, the bike gets kind of squishy. The Yuba looks way more industrial.

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