400 lbs. on a Yuba Mundo

From cyclenine on YouTube.

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  • charles says:

    I think a cargo trike would be a better (safer) option for humongous loads. The frame appeared to be flexing causing the steering to wander. A worthy experiment to be sure but one we need to learn from no doubt!

  • Geoff says:

    While I was watching the video, I couldn’t help wondering how much stress was being put upon the rear wheel. The frame certainly looks like it was built up for serious loads, but what kind of rim(not to mention the spokes) is designed to handle 440 lbs plus the rider?

    The video does demonstrate that the Yuba Mundo is up to the challenge, and for a complete bike that’s around $1100 it sounds like a really good deal. With a more reasonable load, I can see the Mundo being an ideal bike for such cargo hauling.

    I do agree with the other commenter, charles, that a cargo trike would probably have been a better option. Three wheels make for better weight distribution, and the rider wouldn’t have to expend any energy in keeping the cycle balanced and upright.

  • Rob Mackenzie says:

    Man… that’s a whole lot of potassium!!

  • Ahmad says:

    This video restores my faith in America.

  • Greg says:


    Carrboro tends to do that.

  • ontario bacon says:

    What is the actual point of this? Those bananas were transported thousands of miles on a container ship, and then brought to the market by truck. Is carrying them the last 2/3 of a mile by bicycle supposed to “help the environment?”

    It only emphasizes the foolishness of the gesture to see this guy weaving all over the road, and running into at least one pedestrian because he is unable to stop his vehicle. How about riding safely and responsibly in order to improve the acceptance of cyclists?

  • Alan says:

    “What is the actual point of this?”

    It was an exercise to test the bike’s capabilities. Yuba claims a 440 lb. capacity for the Mundo, hence the 400 lbs. of bananas. I agree that it probably would have been better to do a test like this in a controlled environment away from pedestrians and motor vehicles.

  • bongobike says:

    Alan, Yuba probably means 440 lbs. total weight including rider and cargo, not 440 lbs. of cargo on the rack. It was scary to see him wandering out of control and nearly hitting cars and people. A little crazy, but I guess it gets that way when you’re testing the limits. :)

  • Alan says:


    The Mundo is actually rated for 440lbs. of cargo, plus rider. From the Yuba site:

    “Cargo Bike capacity: volume 1.05 m3 (33.3cft) | weight 200 kilos (440lbs) + rider”



  • Jay says:

    That particular individual needed some serious practice if he wants to carry a load like that safely. That looked pretty dangerous as is. But, I’m sure someone who used it frequently in that capacity could quickly master how to deal with such a load safely and confidently.

  • EdLark says:

    Note that the video carefully edited out almost all intersections and other stops.

    Having watched the video, I think the answer to whether the Yuba is up to carrying 400 lbs. of bananas is “not really.” And the answer to unasked question of whether attempting to carry 400 lbs. of bananas in such a manner was a good idea is “hell no.”

  • Alan says:

    While I think it would have been a worthwhile exercise if conducted in a controlled environment, I have to agree that the near misses were nerve-wracking.

    What I got from it is something I already knew: 400 lbs. is too much weight for a 2-wheeled cargo bike of any sort, regardless of the vehicle’s maximum carrying capacity. In my opinion, at somewhere around 200 lbs, the issue becomes not so much one of the strength of the bicycle, but one of physics and the ability of the rider to control the sheer weight. In that regard, a trike or quad would probably fare much better.


  • Graham says:

    I think that even a sturdily built trailer would have served better in this particular case. The idea being that keeping the load close to the ground and with three balance points, the cyclist only needs to think about hauling the load and watching traffic.

    Having said all that, I still think the Yuba is a pretty brilliant machine. Part of what made this test “interesting” was the fact that it was a very bulky load. An equivalent load of bricks wouldn’t have taken nearly as much space and been much easier to balance.

  • bongobike says:


    A trailer laden with 400+ lbs. has its own handling problems (potential for jacknifing, swaying, pushing the bike on turns, etc.) especially on downhills. I think the best vehicle for a load that heavy is one of those trikes that has two wheels on the front with a huge, low-slung cargo platform. I have seen them carrying refrigerators and washing machines in Mexico with those.

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