This morning, waiting for the train.

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  • Sharper says:

    I don’t know your exact commute schedule, Alan, but it occurs to me that you might be on the same Amtrak train that I cross under every morning on my way to work.

  • Alan says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I take the Capital Corridor that rolls into Sac at around 7:30 am…


  • Sharper says:

    I should start waving, then; I’m usually riding eastbound under the rebuilt-after-it-burned railroad trestle around 7:15 or so most mornings…

  • Jim says:

    The only thing missing is a sweet Zimbale bag ;-)

  • Alan says:


    Running light today… :-)

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    I like the suggestion of eagerness in the bicycle’s posture : )

  • Jo says:

    Man…I can’t tell you how gorgeous this (and yout other) pics are…
    Helps to have a splendid looking ride as a focal point tho huh ;-)

    I just wrote a post about GO Trains having dedicated cars for bikes to Niagara Falls…our GO Transit system is starting to get pretty progressive with this and other accessibility projects !


    Ride On

  • Alan says:

    Thanks, Jo!


  • Will says:

    Alan: Nice composition with the sun. What’s the make of the center stand on your bike? I searched around this blog as was not able to find its name. Thx.

  • Alan says:


    That a Pletscher center stand. Available here:


    If you’re bike doesn’t have an integrated kickstand mounting plate, be sure to also order the “Deluxe Top Plate”; it makes mounting much more secure.


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