Brompton World Championship 2010

Sign-ups for the Brompton World Championship are now open. This year’s event is scheduled for October 3, 2010 and will once again take place at Blenheim Palace, in Oxfordshire, England. This is without a doubt the most fun, quirky, and eccentric “world championship” event in cycling. Check out the video from last year’s race to get a feel for what it’s all about.

Brompton World Championship website

2 Responses to “Brompton World Championship 2010”

  • Trevor says:

    By golly (removes pipe, blows nose like trumpet and wipes a tear from the eye) it makes you proud to be British.

  • randomray says:

    All right , I was thinking who cares , I’ll just delete it . I’m glad I watched it , I really liked the quirkiness of the event . I love the idea of a race in suits and ties . Kudos to all those Brompton riders out there . I still don’t want one , but it looks like a great bicycle . I loved the Lemans start to the race with the Bromptons all folded up . LOL , thanks for sharing this with us . Cool Beans !

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