Civia Spring Cleaning Sale

From the Civia Blog:

Spring is here and we’ve got a few miscellaneous inventory items we’re looking to clean up. We’ve got some Hyland 3 speed, derailleur and dropbar builds looking for good homes. There’s also some Loring Base 3 models and a couple scratch and dent Lorings ready to be had. We’re also having a sale on Hyland framesets for those that are interested in building up their own bike.

Quantities are limited and pricing is good until things run out. Of note, the quantities listed in the pdf are representative of late April, so things might not still be in stock. It’s best to have your local dealer check, or give us a call yourself. We’ll be happy to let you know what’s still available.

View the sale flier

3 Responses to “Civia Spring Cleaning Sale”

  • Urb Anwriter says:

    I bought a Loring (9 speed/’black’) and if I had enough money left over, I’d buy another. I’m happy with the SRAM iMotion hub, the brakes are great, and the bike really, really rewards a slightly slower focus on life. And, besides, it gets lots of great comments.

    Go for it, buy one, enjoy

  • ethan says:

    I do not need another bike. I do not need another bike. I do not need another bike. (Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.)

  • sygyzy says:

    Alan, can you shed some light on what changes are happening for 2010? According to the PDF, am I supposed to understand Civia will be discontinuing Hyland 3 speed and derailleur builds as well as Loring Base 3 builds? It’s sort of confusing.

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