William Butler-Adams on “The Brompton Way”

A cool video interview with Brompton’s head-engineer William Butler-Adams.

[via infonomia.tv]

4 Responses to “William Butler-Adams on “The Brompton Way””

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    This is a very nice video. I have been eying Bromptons in my local bicycle shop for over a year, and if I were in the market for a folding bike this would definitely be the one.

  • emilio says:

    Great video! If you need some help with spanish to english translation, just tell. This is my first comment, so congratulations for the blog. Lots of cyclists around here (Madrid, Spain) love your bikes, your photos and that special ‘EcoVelo feeling’.

  • Nicolas says:

    If I had to combine several means of transportation for commuting, this is the bike I would buy – it is probably expensive, but it is certainly the most convenient bike in its category -. Unfortunately, I live at 3 kms from my working place, and I did not find any good reason to expose to my wife in order she allows me to buy one of these amazing bikes !

  • Bert says:

    I was blown away how well this factory is setup. Every single step is optimized as much as possible but still all hand made. They have 2 rooms just to to testing of hinges and frame pieces, even tough they have been using them for over 20 years, they just don’t take chances.

    The English speaking guy is Emerson, head of Marketing. He does an amazing job presenting the brand without being pushy like most other bike manufacturers.

    It is a pleasure dealing with Brompton as a supplier, the Brompton is also our best selling folding bike in the shop.

    Bert, folding bike enthusiast (owns 2 Brompton’s)

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