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Today’s New York Times is reporting on Transportation Alternative’s estimate that roughly 236,000 New Yorkers ride their bikes each day, a number that is up dramatically from 2008’s estimate of 185,000. They estimate that only 5% of those are commercial riders, with the remaining 95% being non-commercial. According to the article, New York now has more bicyclists on the road each day than any other city in the country.

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Art of the Bicycle

Art of the Bicycle is coming to Sacramento in May. This two-part art exhibit will celebrate the bicycle with a group photography show at Temple Coffee, and a window gallery across the street featuring sculptures, paintings and mixed media. The photography exhibit will feature works by Whit Brooks, Alan Barnard (yours truly), and Bob Rogen, and the window Gallery will feature works by D.D. Fernandes, Garr Ugalde, Mariam Morris, David Mayhew, S.R. Jones, Chris Botta, Bud Gordon, Dave Dave, Mick Sheldon, Sue Torngren, Roy Tatman, Bruce Gossett, Erik Hosin, and others.

Temple Coffee
1014 10th Street (between J & K on 10th)
Sacramento, CA

May 5th — June 28th, 2010

Free (consider supporting Temple by enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee or tea while you’re enjoying the show)

For additional information contact Roy Tatman at 916.441.5409 or urbanartguy@hotmail.com.

[I’ll have six photos on display, all of which have either been featured here or on our Zenfolio site. —Alan]


Dealing with illness while maintaining a car-free or car-lite lifestyle can be a challenge. Michael and I were both sick with the flu this past week, and now she’s developed pneumonia, so we’ve been depending upon our one car much more than usual to keep the household running while doing our best to rest up. She’s at a point where even a short walk up an incline causes her to be winded, so she’s totally off the bike; this is somewhat shocking considering her usually high level of fitness and bike-dependence.

We were talking about how difficult it would be, and what strategies we would have to employ, if we were totally car-free while dealing with illness. Renting a car would be one solution, as would asking for help from friends and family. Public transportation is always a possibility, though it’s questionable whether someone should expose others to their illness in tight public spaces. Of course, if we lived closer to work, health care, shopping, and other essentials, this would be less of an issue for us.

This has been an interesting week; dealing with illness while living car-lite has provided copious food-for-thought regarding our housing and transportation choices. We were wondering how you cope with illness while maintaining your car-lite/free lifestyle? Have you had to resort to renting a car or asking family members for a lift? Do you live close enough to work and essential services that it’s not an issue? We’d love to hear from you.

TerraTrike Car-Free Challenge

TerraTrike and ‘BentRider Online have teamed up to create the 2010 TerraTrike Car-Free Challenge. Simply go car-free or car-lite from May 15th to June 15th and log your miles at Bike Journal to qualify for the drawing to win a 2010 TerraTrike Cruiser recumbent trike.

Details at ‘BentRider Online

US Bicycling Hall of Fame Opens Today in Davis, CA

From the US Bicycling Hall of Fame website:

The new US Bicycling Hall of Fame opens this Saturday in Downtown Davis!

Please join us this Saturday, April 24, at 11:30 a.m. in Downtown Davis for the grand opening ceremony of the US Bicycling Hall of Fame at 303 B Street (corner of third and B, downtown).

Enjoy complimentary access to the Hall of Fame from 12-4pm on Saturday, immediately following the grand opening ceremony.

Dignitaries from Davis and Somerville, NJ (the former home of the U.S. Hall of Fame) will officially open the building by cutting a “ribbon” made entirely of used bicycle tires.

The move of the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame to Davis came after a nationwide search for a new home. Bicycling Magazine recently named Davis as #1 bike-friendly small town in America.

US Bicycling Hall of Fame

Stuff We Like: Velocity Dyad Rims

The Velocity Dyad is a tough, no frills, 700c commuting/touring/tandem rim available in 32, 36, 40, and 48 holes in either black or silver finish, with or without machined sidewalls. At 24mm, it’s slightly wider than your typical touring rim (some people even use them on 29’er mountain bikes). With its boxy cross-section, the Velocity Synergy looks more traditional, but the Dyad’s V-shaped cross-section makes the rim stronger and eliminates the need for eyelets. The 36-hole version laced to any decent hub makes a completely bomb-proof commuting wheel. Get the version with machined sidewalls for bump-free braking. Great stuff.

Bead seat diameter: 622
Weight: 480g
ERD = 596

Velocity Dyad

Bike-Sharing World Map

While we’re on the subject…. the bike-sharing world map shows 2nd generation (coin deposit) and 3rd generation (high-tech) bike-sharing programs around the world. The map is provided by The Bike-sharing Blog and MetroBike, LLC.

The Bike-Sharing World Map

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