NYC Ex-Officer Found Guilty

Patrick Pogan, the NYC police officer who was made famous by a YouTube video that captured his clash with a Critical Mass rider, was found guilty of lying about the incident, but was cleared of assault charges. Pogan is scheduled to be sentenced on June 23.

Read the story in the NYT

4 Responses to “NYC Ex-Officer Found Guilty”

  • Opus the Poet says:

    I’m sorry but did the NYT really say the purpose of CM was to rile up police?! I thought the purpose of CM was to demonstrate that cars are not the only things on the roads or allowed to use the roads, and that bicycles were”traffic” as much as motor vehicles.

  • Kody says:

    “that is viewed by the Police Department as a way for agitators to rile up the police. ” -NYT

  • Rich says:

    So “guilty of lying, not of assault” sounds like he got off easy, but there’s a weird twist that makes for an important detail: the assault charges were misdemeanors, and the lying about it was a felony. So the jury got him on the bigger of the two charges. That’s in the “won’t work as a cop again” category, if I understand correctly, so this turned out alright, I think.

  • Scott Wayland says:

    Yeah, the guy’s career path is changed for sure! Good thing, too.


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