A New Sponsor and a Cool Bike

Brompton M3L in “EcoVelo Colors”

We’re happy to announce that NYCeWheels has come onboard as a sponsor.

NYCeWheels is located in the Yorkville section of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. They started out selling electric scooters in 2001 and they’ve since evolved into stocking a large selection of unique electric and human powered bicycles, kick scooters, and folders. We’ve been wanting to put a little more time and energy into covering folders and e-bikes, so making the connection with the folks at NYCeWheels will help us move in that direction.

Which leads me to the subject of a fun and interesting bike headed our way. As some of you who have been following us from the start may recall, I once owned a Brompton S3L and rode it as my daily commuter. Due to circumstances beyond my control [a landlord who arbitrarily banned bicycles from the building in which I work, but that’s a story for another day —ed.], I ended up not needing a folder and sold the Brompton to fund another bike. I really loved that Brommie, but unfortunately, I never got around to writing a full review, so I’ve had it in my mind ever since to get my hands on another one to give it a proper EcoVelo workout and report. Long story short, in steps NYCeWheels with an offer to borrow a Brompton M3L in full EcoVelo regalia to ride and photograph for a review on the site. We’re looking forward to putting the bike through its paces and publishing a full review this summer.


5 Responses to “A New Sponsor and a Cool Bike”

  • RM Hampel says:

    Outstanding! I’ve always wanted a Brompton. They just seem so well designed. Then, there’s that “nerdy cool” factor they seem to exude.

  • WestfieldWanderer says:

    If I was only allowed to own one bicycle it would have to be my Brompton. My favourite bike. A unique blend of practical, versatile and fun. I’m of “bus pass age” and when I fully retire one of my projects is to traverse the length of Britain using only Brompton and Bus, just because I can.
    Brompton. Proof that good old fashioned British innovative engineering still exists. Just…

  • Cullen Carter says:

    I bet I’d be a hit if I rode that a few miles north to a Green Bay Packer game!

  • Tony Dyson says:

    When I was in London a couple of years ago, these bikes were almost as common as black cabs. Knowing that they’re not cheap, I took that as proof that they’re an exceptionally good design.

  • Eddie says:

    The Brompton is such a great practical bike, as are many folders, but I never thought I would see a slick folding lowracer:


    The Baron is not a practical commuting bike, I know, but the fact this rather long bike folds quickly and compactly, and rolls on its rear wheel while folded – Wow, clever engineering feat!

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