Schwinn TV Ad

Schwinn is reportedly running this TV ad spot. I like the vibe.

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  • Rick says:

    I was trying to think back and remember the last time I saw a bike commercial…and I couldn’t think of one! Good to see this out there–the message that bike riding is fun, and a bit magical!

    Good Show!

  • Keith says:

    I saw this on TV a few nights ago. At first I thought it was just “bikes in a TV commercial”. After a few seconds I realized it was an actual Schwinn Bicycle ad. I don’t remember the last time I saw a TV ad from a bicycle manufacturer. Very cool.

  • DerrickP says:

    Love it!

  • Matt says:

    I occasionally commute to work on my ’59 Schwinn Jaguar Mark IV, and this ad isn’t really that far off from the reactions it gets.

  • Mike says:

    I love it! We need more “ride because it’s fun” mojo in the world. There are times when cycling seems like a cause, and speaking just for me, causes and smiles are incompatible.

    Kudos to Schwinn. The style of bike featured, the wardrobe and the filmwork all evoke a 70s feel to me, which triggers some VERY positive associations with Schwinn. That’s when me and my Sting-Ray were partners in freedom and fun.

  • Dweendaddy says:

    I liked the ad, so I went to their website. It was hard to find the bikes that I like: ecovelo-ish commuters, as they were spread out over a few categories:
    Under cruisers, there were “lifestyle cruisers” (beach bikes) and “classic cruisers”, which included their cheapo (but cute and well intentioned) commuters: Willy and Jenny: $399 for for 7-speed derailers, a rear rack, and fenders (all color-coordinated) or $429 for the resurrected Coffee and Cream 3 speed internal hub versions.
    Under Urban, and then under commuters they had some more boring commuters, all with racks, some with fenders, all under $550 except for one.
    Touring through the rest of their catalogue put me to sleep, design wise, but I guess they are putting out cheap, useful bikes, for the most part, so I will give them some credit if they get more people on bikes… especially with a cute ad like that. Not many people will start out with a Rivendell!
    One question about the ad: are those bells designed to be on the right, and ring them with a trigger action, or on the left (as I always assumed), pushing out with the thumb?

  • Alan says:

    “One question about the ad: are those bells designed to be on the right, and ring them with a trigger action, or on the left (as I always assumed), pushing out with the thumb?”

    They’re supposed to be mounted on the stem, silly. ;-))

    Seriously, I don’t think it matters. On an Albatross-type handlebar I prefer the bell on the right unless the bike has a twist shifter which forces it to the left side. They seem to work fine either way.


  • GANESHA says:

    i like the ride !!

  • Christie says:

    Oh! I’m in love with that cute little Pug – and the style of the bike does just convey that feeling of freedom doesn’t it!

  • Doug R. says:

    I want to see a Rivendell ad! Knowing Grant, it would be well? Different! LOL!

  • spacemodular says:

    The crew at the bike shop was testing a Kona Humu Humu Nuku Nuku Apua – an awesome clunker style singlespeed cruiser mountain bike… we were commenting on how many people who are ‘serious’ bikers/cyclists don’t know what fun is on a bike. Riding Cruisers is fun. Going to the dirt park for BMX or Mountain Bike Freestyle is fun. Riding in Critical Mass is fun(at least in Chicago). Ridng your bike in a parade is fun. Speed isn’t everything. Lightweight twitchy frames with skinny tires aren’t either. Sometimes rolling at 3-12 mph is a great time too. With super fat tires.

  • Andrew says:


    Speed isn’t everything, but it’s definitely not nothing, hahah. Every time I switch between my winter beater with fat knobblies and my regular 700c commuter/tourer, I love love love how much more effortless piling on the speed is. Drop bars are no fun in the city, but fast bikes still are.

  • JP Atkinson says:

    I like the vibe, too. Odd, but I actually think this wasn’t filmed in the U.S. — that BMW 1-series wagon @ 11 seconds isn’t imported (I would own one, if it were). Curious and ironic, if so.

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  • Will says:

    I wonder how successful they will be selling bikes based on nostalgia. For example, I was stunned by how much the 2010 Coffee ( looks like my 1973 Speedster ( There are other examples in their lineup.

  • Gene says:

    @JP. The ad may have been filmed near Spartanburg SC where the BMW plant it. Could’ve been a US test car.
    As for the ad. Neat! More power to em’. Sure, Schwinn isn’t who they used to be but it’s great seeing an ad for cycling just to do it.

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