Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day from the crew at EcoVelo!

5 Responses to “Happy Earth Day”

  • Reciclone says:

    Incredible picture! Are they still places like that, left?
    What a beauty this world would be without cars, concrete, highways and smoke!
    Just bicycles!!

  • Carolyn I says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    Lots of open unused space up here in Northern Canada. :)

  • James says:

    Great shot! Happy Earth day to you guys as well.

  • OmahaBikes says:

    Recilone… and in that scenario, there would be no bikes either.

    Maybe something more like:

    What a beauty this world would be with fewer cars, less concrete, fewer highways and a lot less smoke!
    AND a lot more bicycles!!

  • Alan says:

    “Incredible picture! Are they still places like that, left?”

    There’s beauty all around us if we slow down and take a closer look. The above scene is only one small rise away from a busy 50mph thoroughfare. No one in the cars driving by was able to experience it, and if I was in a rush I would have ridden right by, even on my bicycle. The challenge, I think, is to avoid falling complacent and riding/driving right past the beautiful vignettes that are right under our noses everyday.


    PS – I’m glad you enjoyed the photo. And, thanks for the kind words…

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