It’s been a looong week and we’re looking forward to a little rest and relaxation in the form of a long, leisurely bike ride tomorrow. This one will be purely for fun. Do you have fun plans that involve riding a bike this weekend? If so, share you story with us….

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  • PJ says:

    There is an annual spring ride here in VT that I will be doing on Sunday called the gravel grinder. Fun 25 mile ride exploring some of the dirt roads around the town of Waterbury which is just south of Stowe. Weather is calling for a high of 40 and rain but it will be a blast none the less.
    Have a great ride tomorrow!

  • Zen says:

    Tucson is having it’s first Cyclovia this weekend and I will be volunteering. Should be very fun although it is supposed to get near 90. We also are having a bike swap and New Belgium Urban Assault Ride. Pretty full weekend, WooHoo!

  • Alan says:


    I’ve always wanted to do a gravel grinder. Have fun and keep the rubber-side down!


    PS – What are you riding?

  • Alan says:


    Wow, busy weekend. Sounds like fun times… enjoy!


  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    A ride with the kidlets on the Xtra if there’s time. Our daughter just turned one and she loves riding in her brother’s seat (but not so much in the trailer). Trying to figure out the best way to get them both on the back of the Xtra.

  • michael says:

    Just biking to and from work and any other errands – like every week. Only difference is this time I will be riding on the first wheel that I built myself!

  • Alan says:


    When mine were little it was always a challenge keeping them all happy… :-)

    I’m not suggesting you give up your Xtra, but just FYI the Yuba Mundo accepts two child seats:

  • louis says:

    Bakfiets–>nursery for bags of fertilizer & potting soil perhaps. I’d also like to take our 2 year old for a spin.

  • Dolan Halbrook says:


    Well, I was planning to put that child family tax credit to work anyways building up a townie for my wife. Looking to use a Civia Midtown frame w/Xtra & Big Apples, a front mounted seat, and a rear mounted seat. Still working out the details, but the Mundo is an interesting thought. Joe Bike is about ten blocks away and I know they stock them. So maybe this weekend I’ll be going to Joe Bike :)

  • Tal Danzig says:

    I have plans for a 100km ride with a group of friends. Should be fun, looks like the weather here in Vancouver (BC, not WA) will hold.

  • John says:

    Just a little outing across town with my wife, two kids, and my daughter’s friend, for some smoothies.

  • Alan says:

    “Only difference is this time I will be riding on the first wheel that I built myself!”

    Cool! Congrats!

  • Alan says:

    “Joe Bike is about ten blocks away and I know they stock them. So maybe this weekend I’ll be going to Joe Bike :)”

    Say “hi” to Joe for me!

  • Alan says:

    “Bakfiets–>nursery for bags of fertilizer & potting soil perhaps. I’d also like to take our 2 year old for a spin.”

    It’s getting to be that time of year. You folks with young kids are starting to make me feel old… LOL

  • joe says:

    Heading out to Michaux National Forest for a well deserved weekend of mountain biking and a 50+ mile lazy sunday ride around Adams County Winery near Gettysburg and the on the battlefields with good friends, and some good wine. Even though I live here, it never gets old.

  • Alan says:


    Sounds just about perfect. Enjoy….

  • Kevin says:

    Tomorrow morning, and afternoon, I’ll be riding my second 200 with the BC Randonneurs club! First 200 was last weekend. After that I get to do whatever I feel like — nap on the couch, most likely.

  • DerrickP says:

    My wife is out of town, so the two big kids and I will be spending the weekend on bike and trailer. Nothing but library and ice cream runs planned!

  • Zyzzyx says:

    Headed out last night for my second S240, just two weeks after my first one. This time it was the RANS Street w/ XtraCycle instead of the Quest velomobile. Brought a friend along, she was on her Bacchetta Giro recumbent. A nice easy 20 miles along the river to a campground on the edge of town. Cooked the first dinner using my new Trangia alcohol stove (also being my first ‘camping’ stove). A good night’s sleep, and then back into town this morning.

    Overall, a very good start to the weekend. Doing that on Friday night really makes the weekend seem extra long.

  • Ann says:

    I got out for a 14-mile trek in the forest yesterday; it was our first warm day of the year and the forest just beckoned. I love the tranquility of riding there.

  • beth h says:

    After hanging out at home and playing in the garden this afternoon, tomorrow I’m going for a short, brisk solo ride in the morning and in the afternoon my sweetie and I will ride over to shul to play a few hands with the Mah Jongg ladies. Maybe we’ll grab dinner out before riding home. Doing a metric century next weekend so I wanted this weekend to be mellow.

  • Scott Wayland says:

    Just got back from a 35 miler with a few of the guys, including one of three young lads I’m taking touring this summer. I’ve started a little cycling club to initiate young people into touring, and we do regular rides. Today, only one of the young guns could make it, a plucky high school freshman. He did great on a pretty good climbing day, over 2,300 ft. I think he’ll do well on the tour, which will involve 10 days to two weeks of unsupported touring in mountains and high deserts. Bring it on!


  • Sbcommute says:

    Biking to the earth day festivites here in Santa Barbara. They have complementary bike valet service which is kinda fun.

  • Jim says:

    Getting together with friends to ride the canal through Phoenix and across the lake to Tempe for lunch. Taking the train home.

  • Ryan says:

    Today I went for a Hike with the family on the Iron Horse/John Wayne trail outside of Seattle but it was also scouting for a bike ride later this spring, old rail bed no more than a 2 % grade nice wide smooth gravel trail, and a good 20 miles before coming to the now closed rail tunnel. It will be perfect for the Handsome Devil and the new Panaracer Pasela 35cm tires ;-)

  • josh goldstein says:

    I took my mountain bike 20 minutes outside of Nairobi, Kenya to Ngong Town, at the lip of the Rift Valley. We rode down, and despite our 4 GPS devices got a bit lost and ended up doing 70 km of rocky paths before reaching another small village where we were able to take a cup of tea/

  • Beth says:

    Rode a nice chill 30 miler on the American River Trail. The longest outing with the Betty! Longer rides are coming!

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    Ended up test-riding a Yuba Mundo (v3 I think). Fun bike that only makes my decision making process more difficult :)

  • Doug R. says:

    Alan, other than hanging around the lab firing a high fire kiln, my friend Kenan and did 20 laps on bone shakers at my high school track. We are trying to train up for the “Tweed” in May. Beth, good on you for 30 on the trail! your pal, Dougman.

  • Don says:

    Hey! Keep to the right!

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