Albatross Handlebars on Flickr

While we’re at it, here’s a slideshow featuring all photos on the keywords “albatross handlebar”.

6 Responses to “Albatross Handlebars on Flickr”

  • Logan says:

    Timely post! I will be installing albatross bars on my LHT this weekend! All the riv bikes on the tweed ride and a profile of your LHT Alan inspired me to swap out the drop bars. :)

  • Alan says:

    Hey Logan,

    Don’t you enjoy changing out bars, saddles, etc.? I never tire of it.

    Have fun with your conversion! :-)

  • Adrian says:

    Yesterday, my coworker was complaining how her drop handlebars are terribly uncomfortable (on an 80’s steel mixte), and I recommended the Alba to her – showed her this very stream. It’s great to see how many ways they can be set up, but to take full advantage of them, use bar-end shifters and mountain levers. Yummy combination

  • Logan says:

    Yes, I do really enjoy it. I’m thinking I should take a UBI class here in town and maybe start volunteering some weekends at a few bike shops or the bike farm collective. Its easy to get into “the flow” when doing bike work. ;)


  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    I have mine mounted upside down – do I still get to join the club?

  • Rex in Phoenix says:

    I have some Faken-tross bars that I found on an otherwise un-salvageable old Murray 3-Speed left by a dumpster. Their rise and bend are very close to Albatross bars as far as I can tell from photos. They are, of course, heavy steel and and lack that satiny finish but that’s another story… They are comfortable in and of themselves but I was riding drops when I bought my stem so its length is based on hand positions that are either even with or in front of the clamp, and the Faken-tross bars make me feel like my hands are in my lap. Still comfy, but hard to bear down in a head-wind or just when I want to ride harder, so this weekend I swapped them for a, gasp, old black MTB bar. On the ride this morning I dug the aggro but not hand position so when I get a longer stem I will probably go back to the fakers but put them upside down… I think they look more svelte that way.

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