Adeline Adeline

Adeline Adeline is a new bike shop that just opened up in New York City. They offer a nice mix of products from Pashley, Abici, Retrovelo, Batavus, Linus, Brooks, Nantucket Baskets, and others. From their “About Us” page:

Adeline Adeline is a bicycle boutique for the person who wants to rediscover the style, fun and romance of cycling. The shop is a friendly, welcoming environment that focuses on the beautifully designed city bikes and accessories made famous on the streets of Copenhagen, Amsterdam and now, New York.

Adeline Adeline founder, Julie Hirschfeld started her career far away from bikes, first as a graphic designer for the television channel, VH1, and then as partner in the New York design firm, Stiletto NYC, where she worked on fashion branding and motion graphics projects with such diverse clients as New York Magazine, Conde Nast, MTV and Nike.

Adeline Adeline

3 Responses to “Adeline Adeline”

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    IOW, Clever Cycles East?

  • Alan says:

    I had that same thought. Pretty cool. Here’s more background…

  • John says:

    I’ve popped into Adeline Adeline a few times. While I’ve never been to Clever Cycles, I don’t think this shop is quite the same. They do stock some of the same brands, but the focus seems to be on fashionable (but still useful) rather than useful (but still fashionable). It’s not really a full service bike shop.

    That said, the staff are extremely friendly and approachable and the merchandise is all impeccably selected and laid out. I ended up having them order a Pletscher 2-leg kickstand for me when I needed a replacement (there was an incident with my old one involving two glasses of wine and a hacksaw).

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