Gallery: Thorsten’s Utopia Kranich

After several years of being away from a bike and growing weight I decided it was time to get back in the saddle just before my 40th birthday, to get more fresh air when visiting customers during a work day, to find a better way for private mobility, shopping and transportation … or simply to have the chance to decelerate life as software developer just a little bit.

After weight over 300lbs. was an issue and I didn’t want to win a race, but to feel comfortable, I found the beautiful, dutch styled, Utopia Kranich (2007) a german custom bike company using frames build by “van Raam” (in the Netherlands).

The main photo was a really “nice” trip … 60km with 2° C and snowy rain in Denmark at the Randers Fjord, but in the end the sun comes out to say thanks for not giving up.

I really like the manually lined frame (by a 80yr old man!) with a lot of sockets / fittings (sorry, translation get in troubles here – no dictionary of bike technology – sorry!)

During my first months I used heavily the Speedlifter stem… it was really stable even for me and really practical when switching between head wind tour mode and comfortable commuting in the city.

While the name of the bike means “crane” it turned out, that it really was a water buffalo ;-) each bottle filled with 1l … and the used Racktime Addit did a great job.


4 Responses to “Gallery: Thorsten’s Utopia Kranich”

  • Frank Gonzalez says:

    Really sweet looking bike… enjoy riding it!

  • DerrickP says:

    Cool design!

  • Bob Baxter says:

    The Speedlifter stem is a great looking piece of equipment, albeit –pricey. I wonder if there will be a US distributor for it?

  • Frits B says:

    A similar bike is made in Holland for WorkCycles, so it should be available in the USA too. This bike is, however, quite a bit heavier as it uses hi-ten steel tubes, lugged, with thicker walls than the TIG-welded chro-moly tubes used by Utopia, all in the interest of longevity, or so they say. The Utopia is more elegant and costs a third more than the WorkCycles (type Crossframe Step-through).
    The Speedlifter website doesn’t mention a US distributor. This stem can be ordered online but I wonder about the threading.

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