Time to Pack Up the Lights

Today was the first day this year that I didn’t really need my headlights. Because I enjoy toying around with lights so much, I always feel a small tinge of disappointment when the sun breaks over the horizon during my commute for the first time in the spring. Oh well, before you know it, it’ll be fall again and I’ll be surprised by how quickly the summer flew by….

PS – For those of you who think I only ride on picturesque bike trails, here’s an empty lot and a little chain link fence for you… :-)

6 Responses to “Time to Pack Up the Lights”

  • Joel van Allen says:

    Only you can make an empty lot and a chain link fence look so idyllic!

  • sygyzy says:

    Uh even your “non-picturesque” pictures are amazing.

  • peteathome says:

    Leave the lights on – don’t you make night-time trips in the summer?

    I agree with the others, even the “ugly” pictures look like bike porn.

  • Mitch says:

    No headlight “season” for me. With generator lights, mine are always on, usually for safety during daylight, and when it’s dark, to light up the night. :-)

  • Alan says:

    Many thanks, all….

  • Jay says:

    Taking off the lights? I just started riding having taken the winter off, and with 2 lethal (I think both were lethal) bike/car collisions in the past two days in Boston (my area), I can’t help but think bike lights in the day time are really helpful for safety. Your situation is different of course, and I’m jealous!

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