Gallery: Jack’s 650B Rivendell Saluki

This is my 650b Rivendell Saluki. It’s my bike for touring, camping and club rides. This is how it’s built:

  • Wheels are Velocity rims, Scwalbe Marathon 40. Phil Wood cassette hub with Sheldon’s Century Special in the rear. Schmidt 28 in front. IQ Cyo headlight. Berthoud fenders.
  • Drive is Dura-Ace Derailers, Shifters and chain (9sp). Phil Wood BB, TA Cyclotouriste 170, rings are TA 46-32. Shimano 520 Touring SPDs.
  • To stop Tektro aero levers yank a Dura-Ace cable to Paul Retro Cantis up front, Paul Touring Canti’s in rear. Koolstop pads.
  • I’m sitting on a Honey B-17 Special copper rails atop a Nitto Crystal Fellow post.
  • Bars are Nitto Randonneur, Tape is Brooks (perf) Honey, stem is Nitto Lugged Steel. Crane Brass hammer bell, Garmin GPS mount.
  • Tubus Nova lowrider, Nitto M12 front rack, (I’ve got a VO constructeur rack for the rear-not pictured)
  • Berthoud Small Panniers and Berthoud 28 Randonneur bag with VO Decaleur. Carradice longflap Camper. (VO Campagne Handlebar bag in some pics)
  • IQ Cyo headlight. Two Soma Bullet taillights. Berthoud fenders. Pletscher single kickstand. Nitto retro cages, Klean Kanteen.
  • Oh yeah, Campy “Umbrella” holds one end of a Topeak frame pump.


12 Responses to “Gallery: Jack’s 650B Rivendell Saluki”

  • Doug R. says:

    Absolutely Sweet! Great bike Jack!

  • Magnus says:


  • bongobike says:

    Sweet X 3! Looks like it’s ready for anything.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Not only a nice bike, but some seriously nice components!

  • Andy E says:

    what a beaut!

  • Seth Hoyt says:

    Curious about the 650 wheels vs. 700. Do you plan to tour abroad where replacement tubes and tires would be easier to find? Or has 650 proven to be more comfortable, better handling size. What about length of cranks adjusted for wheel size? very cool bike … maybe most elegant combo of function and style I’ve seen. Cheers!

  • Karen says:

    Beautiful bike – whether it’s “dressed up” with all the accessories, or going minimal :)

  • aj says:

    Wow! One of the most perfect setups I’ve ever seen.


  • Fergie348 says:

    It’s a gorgeous bike – I especially like the orange and white paint scheme with the matching orange kickstand! It’s such a ‘bike geek’ bike I can’t even stand it. You are forever labelled thusly..

  • Alex Moll says:


  • Jack says:

    Thanks all. This bike usually just gets attention from people who are not fully aware of the build. It’s nice to hear from other “bike geeks” (takes one to know one) that appreciate the whole integrity of the bike. Also glad the ‘singletrack’ photo was selected. That shot doesn’t show off the bike as object so much as illustrate it’s versatility and pleasure.

    As for some of the techy 650b questions, yeah, it’s the handling. I found I’m very happy with the 650b feel on roads and hardpack. Finding tubes and tires has not (yet) been an issue. I carry 1 or 2 tubes and ride with faith that Schwables afford. 26′ by 1.5 tubes also work well and are easily available. If the tire itself goes, my plan is too hole-up and have a replacement sent. I always appreciate a day off! Granted a serious wheel issue could be a problem. The only thing I did to address that was have Peter White build ‘em tough enough in the first place. Even so, these days Velo Orange and a Post Office could get me back on the road quickly with a cheaper wheel.
    Crank length was decided purely by my preferred spin/mash cadence. There’s no issue with compatibility (for brakes or cranks) since this model was a purposely designed 650b.

  • Tim D. says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Can’t go wrong with lugs, leather, and TA cranks!

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