Bike Intelligencer’s Top 10 American Cycling Magazines

Hot on the heels of Bicycling Magazine’s recent Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities list, Bike Intelligencer has published their Top 10 American Cycling Magazines list. I’m pleased to report Bicycling came in at 11th. Funny stuff.

[I may be stating the obvious, but many of us in the bicycling community are not overly pleased with Bicycling Magazine’s methodology or conclusions in regards to their bike-friendly cities list. —ed.]

Bike Intelligencer’s Top 10 American Cycling Magazines

10 Responses to “Bike Intelligencer’s Top 10 American Cycling Magazines”

  • Joe says:

    great list, but no “dirt rag” ?? Need to represent the MTB community.

  • Fergie348 says:

    The mountain biking community is represented by MBA on that list. Not that there are any significant number of mountain bikers that read or anything..

  • Alan says:

    I don’t know about Dirt Rag, but I was glad to see Meals on Wheels Gazette included on the list… LOL

  • joe says:

    @ Fergie348- I’ll just ignore that last comment, lol…. We can read, we are not all the typical, lol. well, some of the guys I ride with, we just wont tell them. IMO MBA doesn’t represent the true MTB community

    @Alan- Dirt rag is a national mag, out of Pittsburgh. Million times better then MBA, MBA is as bad as bicycling mag IMO, and many others. Like one long add for trek. Dirt Rag is more focused on riders and what riders actually use and ride. Geared more towards XC then DH, and in my book, thats a great thing. They also publish “bicycling times”. A god mag dedicated to all things bicycling, focusing on advocacy and commuting. Good bunch of guys/gals there, and always a good read. Has nice articles on beer too…lol

  • Alan says:

    We’re just teasin’ ya’ Joe. I’m pretty sure the entire thing was a poke at Bicycling…


  • joe says:

    I know, just teasing back.

    Truthfully, there are very few cycling mags that are anything other then a giant advertisement. But really, Dirt Rag and Bicycling Times are two that do a very good job. And I do not have any affiliation with them, just a dedicated reader and friend.

    It’s sites like this and others that give a true prospective on the sport and lifestyle.

  • Alan says:

    I too like Bicycling Times, alot. I haven’t ridden mountain bikes for years, but I’ve always heard good things about Dirt Rag. Thanks for the info!


  • Greg says:

    My list would be different:

    Bicycle Quarterly (Great reviews, ground breaking technical notes, and weird but interesting historical stuff you’ll realize later that you really ought to know :-)
    Momentum (Vancouver BC based utility cycling focused)
    Velo Vision (more English perspective)
    Adventure Cycling (never considered bike touring Korea? Well you haven’t read this magazine then :-)
    Bicycle Times (agree with the above assessment on that one)
    The Lauterbrunnental Leaflet^H^H^H I mean Rivendell Reader (Grant may be wrong, but then again his bikes are more fun to ride then you’d think they should be, so there you are…)
    A to B Magazine (Folders and other odd bikes – British, subscribe online and get all the back issues to find out what that peculiar small-wheel bike you saw parked by cafe actually was)

  • bongobike says:

    That was hilarious! Loved it.

  • Joe says:

    I agree to adventure cycling. A very good mag indeed. Lots of great info, and always interesting articals on long distance touring in exotic locations

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