Gallery: Chuck Hayes’ Globe Live 3

In February of 2010 I took delivery of my new Globe Live 3 to replace the home built commuter I had been riding. We are just leaving the grips of winter here in Wisconsin but the 100 miles or so I have put on the bike confirm that it is a good choice for my purposes and well optioned as built.

The bicycle is factory equipped with an Alfine 8-Speed Internal Hub, Carbon Belt Drive, Full Fenders, a large Front Rack and a Belt Guard as well as Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes. To ensure a comfy ride I replaced the narrow factory seat with a Brooks B67 Saddle and also included the Brooks Leather Grips. For small personal items I have added a large Acorn Seat Bag. For safety I have mounted a Cannondale Tail Lamp and Blaze 2-Watt Front Lamp in addition to the AXA Defender Frame Lock.

Chuck Hayes

Globe Live 3

13 Responses to “Gallery: Chuck Hayes’ Globe Live 3”

  • Dan says:

    Hey, Black Earth Creek!

  • Derek says:

    That front rack looks like it slopes forward something fierce.

  • Alan says:


    I think you’re seeing lens distortion. Have a look here:


  • Derek says:

    Alan, you are probably right, but both photos you have here (the one with the snow and the one by the creek) make it looks like it’s tilted.

    Maybe Chuck can chime in and set us straight.

  • Karl Steinke says:

    stunningly beautiful bike. The leather saddle is a nice touch. I’m surprised to see a European style lock on the bike. I didn’t think they had those in the U.S. I wonder where I can buy such a bike here in Switzerland.

  • Chuck says:

    Let’s see if I can handle all of the comments to date – It is the Black Earth Creek. I pass there regularly on my way to the Cross Roads Coffee House. The front rack does look tilted in the photos but is actually level when the bike is off the stand. I also trimmed the legs of the stand by 40mm and it helps the stability of the bike when loading the rack while leveling it whan parked. The lock is an AXA Defender that I ordered online from Contitoe Road in the U.S. The Live 3 also has braze-ons so a frame lock can be properly mounted. As to whether the bike is available in Switzerland, Globe is a division of the U.S. manufacturer Specialized and I first learn about this model from one of Specialized European (Germany or U.K. maybe) web pages last year. The bike is a real pleasure to ride.

  • David says:

    One of the knocks (real or imagined) that my LBS has against belt drive is that road grit splashed on the belt causes a grinding sound and action. They tell me they’ve never built a belt drive, so I’m skeptical of their skepticism (this sounds similar to their anti-disc-on-road-bike philosophy). I’d be interested in your experiences riding the Globe in the rain and how a gritty belt feels/sounds.

  • BlueCoal says:

    Kewl kitted bike – how is the Alfine treating you? Is there a split on the rear triangle to accommodate the belt? Does it feel strong, if split? I’m looking to do the same with a more road going bike – but unsure if the hub gear will handle the massive acceleration my legs dish out…

  • Chuck says:

    I have rode the Live 3 on packed lime stone that is damp enough to be somewhat sticky and the fenders on this bike offer superbe protection because they extend lower in the back that most. The #2 factor that probably overcomes the situation you describe are openings in the belt (chain) ring that allows debris to fall through. Maybe the shop was looking at earlier technology that did not have the self cleaning ring. With that said the one thing I am having a harder time getting use to with the bike is the resonance of the aluminum frame over coarse road surfaces compared to the steel lugged bikes I am accoustomed to.

  • cj says:

    i take delivery next Monday on my Live 3…here in chapel hill. Are the changes you mention – the seat,grips and kick stand – (3 things that i was unable to see before ordering) a personal preference thing or is the seat/grips just that sketchy and the height of the stand too high to accommodate any type of normal loading. looked at the items you added and they all seem top of the line. might have to copy most/all of your changes ;)

  • Chuck says:

    This is the second bike I have with an internal hub and I find them extremely easy to use especially for use around town and I believe it is of a planetary design and it seems to be rather robust. Shift when pedaling, coasting or stopped it makes no difference. I have not split the rear seat stay yet to change or evaluate the ease of changing a belt. I am not all that concerned about the strength of the belt. Belts have been used on motorcycles for some time and I recall a recent test where a Gates Carbon Belt Drive bicycle was used to pull a truck or something outrageous. I am enjoying the clean and quite qualities of the belt to date and those are the reasons I chose a bike that incorporated one.

    I am not a young rider anymore and have become less and less thrilled with narrow seats. In addition this is my first aluminum framed bike and I was somewhat concerned about the ride being too harsh compared to the steel bikes I am accoustomed to. Therefore I decided I was going to make a seat change and the Brooks B67 seemed the right choice. Again I am very pleased with this modification. I did not experience any of the dreaded break-in hardness that I had been warned about and find the seat fits me and my needs very well.

    I lowered the height of the stand for two reasons. The first was simply that the bike appeared to be on a perch with the standard set-up. Way to high in back. The second was to stretch out the rake making it more stable for loading purposes. The plan worked on both accounts in my opinion. A more balanced appearance when parked and definitely more stable while loading the rack.

  • Nicolas says:

    I really like this modern and elegant design, and overall, these white tires are smart ! Several times a week I walk along a bike shop that sells these models but unfortunately I cannot find a good reason to change the bike I use everyday for this new one.

    But where is the lightning (probably a european question) ?

  • Chuck says:

    Nicolas – I have just about blown my bike budget for this year but I am planning on a more proper lighting set-up next season. I have a Schmidtt hub dynamo in mind with a Busch&Müller Lumotec IQ Cyo Senso Plus and a Busch&Müller 4D Lite Plus Rear Fender Tail Light in mind. Can anyone provide comments on this sort of system?

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