SRAM IGH Tech Specs

For those of you who are as infatuated with internal gear hubs as I am, here’s a little fun reading for you. And for any of the rest of you who are struggling with insomnia, this should take care of it.

SRAM IGH Tech Specs [10 mb PDF] →

5 Responses to “SRAM IGH Tech Specs”

  • ToddBS says:

    Do you have one of these? I’d like to know what the reliability is. For about 1/10 the cost of a Rohloff, it almost seems too good to be true.

  • Urb Anwriter says:

    Who knew there was a, specific, P5 Cargo… one more hub to lust after.

  • Alan says:


    Yes, I have an iMotion 9. They’re relatively new to the market, so long-term durability has yet to be tested. I’m very happy with mine so far. As for comparing to a Rohloff, I doubt any of the current offerings from either Shimano, SRAM, or even NuVinci can compete for toughness.


  • anon says:

    I’ve had one for about a year (around 8k undocumented miles, including one Upstate New York winter). It’s been reliable so far, and shifts well in the cold. I’d recommend oil lubrication rather than grease, makes it smoother and quieter. Shifts are a bit slow always, and it sometimes slips, but I carry heavy stuff and mash up big hills all the time.

  • kww says:

    The most important part of building a IGH bike is getting the drawings of the hubs to determine spoke size and dish, thanks!

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