Going Bike-Free

My Other Car is a Car

We’re tired of all this talk about bikes and bike riding, so we’re offering up all of our bikes on auction and going bike-free. We’ll use the proceeds from the auction to renew our AAA memberships and purchase a second car. We’re thinking about an SUV, something that gets less than 12 miles per gallon; any suggestions? While we’re at it, we’ll be changing the name of the blog from EcoVelo to AutoAmour. We figure all this bicycle stuff’s a losing battle anyway, so why not join the fun and make some thermodynamic whooppee while the gettin’s good!?!

21 Responses to “Going Bike-Free”

  • roll says:

    love that joke :)

  • Eric says:

    Hehe. Well if you are trying to maximize your carbon output, you probably can’t go wrong with an “Armada.” One vehicle named after an entire fleet. You’d think they’d at least have picked the name of a victorious fleet….

  • Joel van Allen says:

    I’d go for the old H1 Hummer, nice and wide– that way, even though you’re driving down the road in a car, you’ll still have two wheels in the bike lane, just like old times! Don’t forget your “Share the Road” sticker.

  • Aaron says:

    Have you considered a Navigator? They’re harder to squeeze through the McDonald’s drive-through.

  • DerrickP says:

    Love it!

  • Keith says:

    Just in time for “Drive to Work Day”: http://blog.cascade.org/2010/03/april-1-is-drive-to-work-day/

  • Ryan says:

    Get the Exxon Vald….er Ford Excursion car that can seat more people than it gets MPG

  • jun says:

    I miss Sheldon Brown too.

  • John Boyer says:

    repulsive thoughts….all of them

    Big oil is grinninng

    Meanwhile Im going back to the My Dutchbike site.

  • Alan says:

    Don’t go, John! Look at today’s date… :-)

  • Ted says:

    You should get the vehicle that used to be advertised here by a couple of guys on public radio.

    The Sherpa Indimida. “It’s really B-I-G”

  • OmahaBikes says:

    I completely agree with your thoughts. I hear there are a lot of hummers to be had at a good price. I have also decided to go bike-free.


  • Rick says:

    Alan, you blew it–you should have redirected the site to “The Hummer Times” or something…lol!

    Here’s my take: http://sactotweed.blogspot.com/2010/04/were-changing-our-name.html

    Happy April Fool’s everyone!

  • Bryce says:

    Get an ex Army tank.

  • Larry Guevara says:

    I know Alan will have the cleanest, beltless drive, dynamo lighted, cockpit enhanced, Brooks leather seated, tweed-themed Eddie Bauer SUV out there.

  • Jason says:

    I know, to ease your way back into auto centric culture, you should get a bicycle trainer mounted on on a Hummer. Than have your wife drive you around with you on the bicycle. That would be a sweet picture.

  • Doug R. says:

    Ok, then, I want my fusion powered Delorean Mr. Mcfly! Oh, and I just bought a brand new Lynskey cruiseer 29er too! Happy April Alan! Now be a good boy and take your bikes down to the local auto scrap yard and put them in the car crusher! Dougman

  • David in Seattle says:

    I saw a GMC Yukon Denali the other day with the side badge changed to read “Denial”. I don’t know if it was the owner or some imp who changed it but it was both subtle and classic.

  • Alan says:


    Was that you in the photo!?! ;-)


  • Rick says:

    Hey, buddy–My one hawaiian shirt looks much better than that!


  • Doug R. says:

    I could be tempted to give up my bikes if someone wanted to trade me for the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile! I have always wanted to drive that baby!

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