Bike Snob NYC Revealed

The identity of the hitherto anonymous master of bicycle satire and sarcasm, Bike Snob NYC, was finally revealed today in the Wall Street Journal. His name is Eben Weiss and he’s a 36-year-old former literary agent from Brooklyn. A book deal and upcoming book tour finally brought him out from behind the curtain.

Read about it in the WSJ

4 Responses to “Bike Snob NYC Revealed”

  • Mike says:

    Good for him. It’s remarkable that he kept his identity semi-secret as long as he did.

    The more I read him, the more I appreciate the sincerity behind the snobbishness. Also, it takes genuine talent to write something readable every day. Whether you agree with him or approve of him is a separate discussion — but he’s funny and readable nearly every day. Reading a week’s worth of newspaper columns at any time since Mike Royko died will reveal the rarity of that ability.

  • Graham says:

    I have to agree with Mike. The Snob’s talent lies in having something new and funny to say about the same subject every day. It’s just a bonus to me that the character that is the Bike Snob gets to say snarky things about cycling silliness that we all encounter every day.

    I have no illusions that Mr. Weiss is anything at all like the Bike Snob, so as far as I’m concerned The Great Unmasking is not that big a deal.

  • Doug V says:

    I love his writing style and have enjoyed reading his blog daily for a couple of years, it figures he’s my age, too many references hit home over the years!!

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    The interesting thing, is that this information has been available for almost a year now – but, for the most part, those readers who figured it out have been nice enough to keep it to themselves.

    I like BSNYC – not just because it is entertaining to read and has actually taught me a lot about bicycle culture, but because the author seems like a good-natured person.

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