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Today’s San Francisco Chronicle has a great article on springtime getaways utilizing a combination of bicycles and transit. While I haven’t done much of this, I love the idea and I plan to do more in the future. Amtrak is particularly well-suited for these types of quick getaways in your own backyard.

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  • brad says:

    Our bike-tour vacation this summer will be done that way: we’re taking the train from Montreal and Toronto with our bikes, and then riding the bikes back. It’s about 600 kilometers; we’re going to take it easy, see the sights, etc., and take a week to do it.

    It turns out in Canada you can also (with advance notice) ask the train to stop at a non-designated stop if you want to get off the train with your bike. That’s a nice touch.

  • Scott says:

    Sounds nice. But here on the East Coast, we aren’t allowed to take our bikes on Amtrak unless they are packed in a box (although folding bikes are allowed).

    But wait, you ask. Isn’t the NE Corridor the most traveled part of the Amtrak system? Doesn’t it help to subsidize the entire Amtrak network? Yes, but bikes aren’t allowed.

    I encourage all of you to contact Amtrak and explain to them how wrong this is. They don’t take my calls anymore.

  • RDW says:

    “Amtrak is particularly well-suited for these types of quick getaways in your own backyard” Sadly not true here in Michigan either, where it is not possible to take a bike on a train (even in a box). Too bad, I’d love to be able to combine bike and train travel.

  • louis says:

    A friend of mine writes a great blog about outdoor adventures via public transit in the greater SF Bay Area:

    It mostly focuses on walking/hiking, but there’s some bike stuff too.

  • brad says:

    Putting your bike in a box on the train is not a big deal IF the train provides the box. This is the case with VIA Rail in Canada, for example. This makes it possible to ride your bike from home to the train station, bring your bike to the train, and put it in the box at the train platform. I have no gripes with that. If Amtrak provided bike boxes like this, I don’t think too many people would complain.

  • Will says:

    I learned that the official word with Amtrak is that you should call in advance. Some routes in the east occasionally do run equipment to allow unboxed bikes (though every time I’ve called about trains departing NY Penn Station, the answer has been no). In 2007, bicycle advocates reversed Amtrak’s policy on folding bikes — now allowed as carry on, all trains. See for details.

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