Share the Road – Buses and Bicycles

Share the Road – Buses and Bicycles from Chicago Bicycle Program on Vimeo.

This excellent video on sharing the road is from the Chicago Bicycle Program. While it focuses specifically on buses and bicycles, much of the advice directed at bicyclists pertains to general riding among cars as well.

[via Streetsblog]

3 Responses to “Share the Road – Buses and Bicycles”

  • Gussy says:

    I’m groaning from the tacky music. Other than that, it was a good video. Glad it was produced, least it spells out what each party has to do. Is it illegal to lane split in Chicago? That is the only question i had.

  • John Lascurettes says:

    @Gussy. At about 4:30: “Always merge with traffic to pass on the left. Never split lanes to get ahead of a bus.”

  • Alan says:

    Even if lane splitting is legal, it can be quite dangerous and I avoid it.


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