Dahon Mu Uno

I was perusing the Dahon website and the Mu Uno caught my eye. There’s something about the stripped down simplicity of this ultra-minimalist folder that I find appealing. It’s a single speed with a coaster brake, no cables, no gears, and nothing else to get in the way. At 22 lbs. it would be easy to haul up a flight of stairs or onto a bus. If I lived in the city, I’d use it for getting around the downtown grid at times when I didn’t need the hauling capacity of a utility bike.

Dahon Mu Uno

14 Responses to “Dahon Mu Uno”

  • Alex says:

    How about a belt? ;-)

  • Lucas says:

    I love the Mu Uno; I like it for the very reasons you cite… it’s on my list as my next bike.

  • jnyyz says:

    the 2010 model has a chain cover that mimics a belt (in terms of keeping your pants grease free).

  • Ron says:

    Great bike. I’d like it even better if it could be a fixed gear with a single front brake!

  • Dweendaddy says:

    I like the simplicity and all, but I think I would only get a folder if I really needed to fold the bike… a lot. Otherwise, the tradeoffs of comfort and ride would be too much.

  • alcahueteria says:

    We just got one in at the shop I work at, after many months of begging. My manager was always opposed because it’s like $500 singlespeed or something, but it seems sweet. That chain cover is crazy too. Folds up super quick. I like it a lot better than it’s steel counterpart, the boardwalk.

  • Dwainedibbly says:

    I agree with Alex: needs a belt drive, then it would be near perfect. (Maybe a Bendix 2-speed kickback hub for headwinds/hills?) The Dahon frames are perfect for belts, with no chainstays. Makes me wonder if Gates has parts available for a retrofit….

    If anyone is thinking along those lines, see carbondrivesystems.com for available belts, chainrings (beltrings?) and cogs.

  • randomray says:

    Thanks Dwaine for the link . I keep hearing about these things and want to know if they really are better then chains or just new . It’s great for builders that a lot of cyclists are techno geeks and want the latest thing , but some of us need a reason other then it’s the latest thing . I’m not knocking those that do because it means the rest of us see lot’s of new stuff that we MAY want on our next bike . ” I have nothing against the geeks either a friend got me a geek squad tee that I wear with pride “

  • Erik Sandblom says:

    Moulton is making a two-speed bike with belt drive and no cables. I think it’s separable too.

  • AdamM says:

    Of course, it still needs mudguards (sorry, fenders to the North Americans) to be considered a ‘proper’ commuting bike. ;^)

  • Kody says:

    It has a 120mm spaced R hub and can def. be turned into a fixed gear or flip/flop with a front or rear brake. A hand brake is included but not installed from the factory

  • GTPowers says:

    I picked one up on tax returns and tip money. One Brooks B-17 special later, it’s a wonderful, peppy ride that sticks to my side where ever I go.

  • l2afa says:

    I just bought this Dahon model and is gonna be shipped tomorrow…!!!… =D.. Maybe I change the metal chain to a lighter carbon drive sys.. =O.! Thats what I want, lightweight, nice and portable, to take it to europe.. ;)

  • Peter Folding Biker says:

    Hey Alan,

    I guess we’re about a year late but we’ve just completed a Mu Uno video as well as one on it’s less expensive cousin the Dahon Speed Uno.


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