Thor USA Custom Belt Drive Dahon

Thor at Thor USA sent me a link to photos and a description of a custom Dahon Mu xl Sport they modified to accept a Gates Carbon Belt Drive.

View the belt drive Dahon at Thor USA

[Photo copyright Thor USA]

10 Responses to “Thor USA Custom Belt Drive Dahon”

  • Alex says:

    When I saw the title I was thinking there must have been frame surgury to get the belt in there, but with just the single set of stays, there’s no need.

  • David F says:

    I’ve been toying with that idea for a while now, just battling to decide if I should do a lightweight single speed Mu, or a more versatile hub geared version. Glad to see it works fine clearance wise.

  • Zen says:

    Can you buy this? I don’t understand that website too well. Would you have to buy the MU XL Sport and get the Gates belt drive as an upgrade? Any idea about costs? This is pretty much a bike that I have been looking for. Are there any other folders that have a 7-9 speed hub with a belt?

  • Alan says:


    It was a one-off. I’d contact Thor at the following address to see if he’ll build another one for you:


  • Ian says:

    Bernds also have production folding bikes which have Gates belt drive with either Shimano or Rohloff hub gears:

  • Eddie says:

    Abio is a line of relatively low cost folding bikes that feature a belt drive coupled to a 3 or 4 speed Shimano Nexus IGH:

  • jnyyz says:

    Given that the cheapest front,rear cog and belt combination at Universal Cycles is $325, this upgrade is not going to be cheap.

  • Mike says:

    Check out they both a belt drive and shaft drive on folding bikes.

  • Mike says:

    Check out we have both a belt drive and shaft drive on folding bikes.

  • Jeffrey Allen Randorf says:

    I wonder if that rear Shimano hub is the stock (normal) one. I would expect that to be so. So would that new Shimano 11-speed be a drop in? I wonder if the 8-speed and 11-speed Shimanos are different in how they attached to the Gates Carbon Drive Systems and the rear fork of the Dahon? I need to know before I purchase this bike with a belt of a Ti Brompton (alas, with no belt).

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