Notification Changes

I hate to do this, but managing our WordPress-driven mass email list has become problematic, so we’re going to close down our current system. The issue is that WordPress does not include a notification system built into its core, so blog owners like myself have to rely upon third-party plugins. Many plugins are developed free of charge, but consequently, they’re only partially supported and the developers don’t always keep up with the latest versions of WordPress. Also, as our list has grown (and grown, and grown), managing the undelivered e-mails, address changes, and general errors of every sort has become too much of a time-suck.

For those who would like to continue receiving notifications via e-mail, I’ve set up a new system with Google Feedburner. The notifications will be essentially the same, but the system should run much more smoothly. If you’d like to opt-in to the new system, visit this page: Subscribe Here

If you’ve been receiving e-mail notifications but you’ve been thinking about trying a newsreader, Twitter, or Facebook, check out the links in our left-hand sidebar at the top under “Subscribe”. There you’ll find 4 ways other than e-mail to track our post updates.

So to be sure everyone understands, if you’ve been receiving e-mail notifications about new posts, those are about to cease. If you’d like to continue receiving e-mail notifications, you’ll need to opt-in to our new Google Feedburner system on the following page: Subscribe Here

And if you already subscribe via RSS, or you follow us on Twitter of Facebook, this won’t have any effect at all on your daily updates.

7 Responses to “Notification Changes”

  • Tim says:

    When I try to subscribe the page says: “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”

  • Alan says:

    Sorry, Tim. Try again now, it should be working.


  • Tim says:

    That worked, thanks Alan.

  • Doug says:


    Out of curiosity, will you continue to utilize WordPress as the platform for the EcoVelo blog?

    I am in the process of launching my company blog and had planned to utilize WordPress for that purpose. Your experience on email notification not being a “core” feature in WordPress is very helpful, informative, and, well, troubling. I can see how time intensive it can be to search for a new 3rd party plug in with each new release of WordPress.


  • Alan says:

    Hi Doug,

    “Out of curiosity, will you continue to utilize WordPress as the platform for the EcoVelo blog?”

    Yes!! :-)

    I still feel the self-hosted WordPress solution is the best available for conventional blogging. Most of the plugins I use are reasonably well-supported and are updated in a reasonable amount of time after new versions of WordPress are released. Sending bulk mails from any application, particularly if your application isn’t running on a dedicated server, can be pretty fussy. I wouldn’t let my particular issues discourage you from moving forward with your WordPress install.


  • nick says:


    Thanks for the update. It is a lucky coincidence for me that this topic has popped up on your site. I’ve been rolling out a bicycling blog over the past few months and last night I was wondering what blogging software you were using to run such a great site/blog and I was thinking WordPress. I’m only using Blogger at the moment and for my needs it is working fine, but when i started to look more at the scalability of WordPress I was impressed. It’s unfortunate that your plug-in cannot handle the current mailing list but I guess it can be seen as good problem to have.

    All the best!

  • Alan says:

    Sorry, Dan. That was a one time flood from Flickr due to it being the first feed from the new system. Going forward it will only be one photo at a time. I only post to Flickr once a week at most (and only a single photo), so it shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

    Also, for the folks who have been asking for a full feed with photos, we’re going to take this opportunity to give it a try again. We’ll have to see how it goes – we’ve had a terrible time with content scrapers in the past, which is what prompted us to go to partial feeds in the first place.


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