Rivendell Bike of the Week Auctions

Rivendell is undertaking an interesting promotional program where a staff member specs a new bike from their line-up to his/her liking, and the bike is offered up for auction to the highest bidder. From Rivendell:

We’re trying something new.. For the next however-many weeks, if this works, we’ll be auctioning off one bike spec’d by a staff member as his dream bike. The starting bid is a low $2000, for a bike that’s worth over $4,000. Anything over $3,800 goes to SmileTrain.

The first bike up for auction is a Bombadil built up to Keven’s specs and affectionately dubbed “Keven’s Bomber”. Here’s the description:

Lots of lugs, shining silver, beautiful big-tire Bombadil. A mountain-tour-trail-commute bike that can adapt to almost anything rough, and will surely be leading an active life under somebody (maybe you if you’re in your twenties) in half a century..

With the bidding stopping at noon today I’m coming in on this way late, but there will be other bikes to follow.

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4 Responses to “Rivendell Bike of the Week Auctions”

  • sygyzy says:

    I wonder how they determine if this “works”? I suspect it’s if it goes over $4k (or 3800, close enough). This won’t last if they keep getting $2500 out of a $4k bike. So what’s the point? Why not just sell it for $4k, then donate $200 to charity? As a fan, I am excited about the possibility of getting a “deal” on a bike, but I don’t see this lasting long.

  • Alan says:

    “So what’s the point? Why not just sell it for $4k, then donate $200 to charity?”

    It’s a promotion. I think the idea is to generate a little buzz and maybe sell a few more bikes by providing the potential to get a nice bike at something under retail. It’s a tough economy out there and small companies have to do what they can to create interest and generate sales.


  • Don says:

    Personally, I think what they’re doing goes beyond promotion of a particular bike. IMHO I believe this is not unlike charity auctions where generous folk ante up considerably more than what the item being auctioned is worth just because they see the cause as worthy.

  • Doug R. says:

    Personally, I love a little risk! So, when the good Riv folks put up a spec’d out Amos or Roadeo,
    thenI will bid! Double tubers are not to my tastes.

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