Michael Wendell’s NAHBS Compilation

Michael Wendell put together this beautiful compilation of short shots from the 2010 North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

Michael Wendell on Vimeo
Michael’s Website

5 Responses to “Michael Wendell’s NAHBS Compilation”

  • Dave Kee says:

    So much intelligence and talent going to waste because folks are locked in the dead end DF paradigm instead of being open to the infinite possibilities of innovative HPV design. I would love to see some of the new products of Paulo Camasmie (Catrike), Jim Parker (Cruzbike), or Randy Schlitter (RANS) highlighted. Or even more shocking – a velomobile. Nah, retro paint jobs are where the money is.

  • Alan says:


    There’s no one banning ‘bent builders from participating. Maybe those actively involved in the recumbent community could encourage recumbent builders to participate next year…


  • Scott Wayland says:

    Beautiful bikes–but the video is a bit annoying. Too many close-ups without enough general context/bike overview shots. Yeah, cool seat tube, but what the hell does the bike look like?! I gave up after a few minutes.


  • David Spranger says:

    What Scott says…

  • mike rubbo says:

    The film was a feast of detail, a perfect celebration of great craftsmanship. But, but, but, Michael, you cheated us too. One needs to see each bike in it’s entirety in a way which shows the riding position it offers. Bits of a bike all lead to the posture a bike invites you to adopt as you ride. What is that posture?

    As someone especially interested in the stately sit-up bikes in the classic European mode, its essential for me to see the whole bike, not to guess at it.

    Now, I realize that what I ask might have been hard in that cluttered envt. of the show, but towards the end you did offer an almost whole bike shot or two.

    I believe that sit-up had a key role to play in getting non riders onto bikes, that they fly a different flag, that they say to the Mum on the sidewalk, the guy in his car, “come ride with me.” Mike Rubbo

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